The Fall season has hit, The Pea

The Pea

I was exploring Cheeky Pea and thought I would take a couple photos.. and then, my pc started to give up on me… but, I managed to grab a couple and I suggest that you take a stroll and check out the trees, and water, and lights, and and and…..

The Pea

So much more…

Now, Cheeky Pea has a unique shopping experience…. literally.

Second Life introduced “Experiences”… now, although I have had very limited experience with this.. being only at Cheeky Pea and Abranimations… I think you would have fun.. Here is some info from, Cheeky Pea…hehe… I took a photo for you all!

The Pea

If your unable to see this photo in this size, you can always click here to see it better.

So, there you have it.. a small trip to Cheeky Pea, and I got some awesome ideas and I wish they would come and do our landscaping lol… it looks awesome!

Here is all the info you need to find info on, Cheeky Pea.

Cheeky Pea Mainstore

Cheeky Pea Marketplace

Cheeky Pea Flickr

Cheeky Pea Blog

Cheeky Pea Facebook

Cheeky Pea Plurk

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