Reviews Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog and my work!

This is the most important rule I give myself for blogging.
I have real-life health issues, as well do my children, that can take me away from Second Life days at a time, sometimes longer. Please understand, that if you are asking me to blog for you, you understand that my children and my health come before Second Life.

Just like you, I have a few guidelines…

~ Please give me a few days to blog your creations, usually takes me no more than three days, but keep in mind that I can’t blog everything that I receive. It’s really impossible for me, my time is very limited and making just one post can take me hours…

~I only blog things that suite my style, but my style always depends on my mood, so I don’t always follow the same line… I love to change.

~ I belong to a limited amount of Blogger’s groups, and I try to keep on top of them, I just ask for a little bit of patience.

~ You can drop a folder with items and info if you feel too, don’t get offended if I don’t blog it, it is just a matter of personal style or TIME.

~ Or just open an IM or drop a notecard if you are really interested, I’m very open to chat with everyone. You may contact me inworld by IM, Morgana Hilra. My IMs go to my email, for the most part. If you do not hear from me within, 24hrs please contact me again.

~ Please understand that group space is limited for everyone in, Second life, therefore, I am only able to join ONE group PER store/event.
Unfortunately, LL still has a cap, and I don’t foresee them increasing our limit with their new project coming out.

~ If you wish to add me to a blogger mailing list or, subscriber, please send me a note, or an IM to let me know that you have done so, or that you would like to do so. Sometimes, people will add me without my knowledge, and then get upset if I do not blog something.. which brings me to my next point…

~ If you send me an item, and I do not blog it within the week, PLEASE RESEND or, send me a notecard.
I am not avoiding you, or purposely NOT blogging your items..
Likely what has happened is, I just did not get it.
Please, do not get angry and leave me hate mail/messages.
It was a Linden Lab issue and if you contact me, we can work together to find a solution.

~ For the most part, I try to stay in bloggers groups, however, if there is no release in say, three months, I reserve the right to leave the group to make room for another sponsor. I am sorry if this upsets someone but, I would like to try to keep my posts as up to date as possible. This doesn’t mean if you do not release something, that I will automatically leave. This just means, if another offer comes, I may take it. Thank you for understanding.

I currently do Vlogs / Reviews as well on youtube, which you can find my channel with this link.

My blogging avatars for fashion are as follows.

Morgana Hilra – Main – Female – Teen – Adult

Jared Shelter – Male Alt – Teen – Adult

Rubee Chastity – Female Child – age range 2-4

I also blog decor, accessories, avatar needs.

If you have any other questions regarding my review policies, please either contact me inworld or by comment below. xx


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So Hawt SL ~ Morgana Hilra

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