Luxe Box SL – Review

Luxe Box SL - Review

Now please understand, I did not join the group, so I did not receive the box.
I had planned on it but, something came up and I thought I had time, which, in the end, I did not.
My opinions in this review are based solely on conversations I had seen on facebook, as well as other social media sites.
Please take care to watch the video, as there are many annotations, and these are very important.

In the end, my personal opinion is, if you can afford it, then by all means, this is a great idea, and I think that if you keep in mind that you will likely not like all the items, then, go for it.
However, as I stated, I think that because this is something for masses of people and not just one group, then possibly the designers can keep this in mind, and add extra sizing and such.

I don’t think that I will be able to be a part of the group next month, and I have already missed this month but, I will do my best at maybe sharing friends blog posts with you all, that way, at least you will stay upto date.

Someone who did receive this box was, Strawberry Singh, and she did a great post about it over on her blog,!
There she also has a video of the “unboxing”, you should really take a look.
She always has a great way to express her opinion, and I am pretty sure she was happy with this purchase.
She really worked hard on her post, so please let her know how much you like it! xo

For more information on the Luxe Box here is all I know.

Luxe Box SL Website
Luxe Box SL Facebook
Luxe Box SL Flickr Group
Luxe Box Plurk

I hope that this review did not ruffle any feathers.. it was not meant to in any way.
Also, maybe you personally made a comment similar to the comments I referred to in my review..
Please know, it was not directed at you.. it is just a coincidence.

Alrighty then.. if you would like info about what I am wearing in this post, please click here and happy shopping!!
xo M

6 thoughts on “Luxe Box SL – Review

  1. Maybe it is a good thing I saw no comments negative or positive ~ but I spent the $$ and I was absolutely in love with all of the designers ~ 12 items for ONLY 1K this was absolutely fantastic and they also went and redid and edited to give more choices I think a lot of them took Strawberry’s comments for me it was fantastic ….

    1. oh, that was what i was trying to say in my video. the designers worked very hard on this project and the fact packs from even just two of the designers likely would have paid for it.. I just think that 1k is pretty high for something that is charged each month, anything more than that is excessive.. but, again, this is just my opinion. i really wish i had been in the group though, i wish i could have had a more personal opinion. if that makes any sense.

  2. It was my understanding that the $1000L was an introductory offer and after may the box would then be the regular price permanently. I did buy the box, thanks to my sister paying for it as my rez day gift 😀 I am very happy with it. The only complaint I has was that not all items would be useable by everyone. However we knew that certain designers involved only made things in certain body sizes. Overall, it was a great idea and was executed very well. I will definitely buy in from now if finances allow for it. Thanks for a great “exterior” review Morgie babes ❤

    1. yup, i figured that out after the recording but, again, that was only one part, and if you watched the video, you would have seen hun, i did comment on the actual blog that there was a note on the site about the price.
      actually, i put it on there twice. and i also made a note in my intro for the video for people to actually watch the video because of the annotations. 🙂

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