The animals are a wee frisky today

The animals are a wee frisky today

click photo for a closeup view

Today was a really cool day… You saw how excited I was the other day when I found out that I had been accepted by Birth Skins, and I thought for sure that my luck with applying for placement ran out because let’s face it, as an older blogger (meaning the age of my blog lol), I have to compete with some really talented bloggers out there. With better photoshop skills than I have, etc… but, while I was reporting a blog post to another company, I saw that Mutresse was looking for bloggers, and I thought…hmm, well self, let’s give it ago, again. I applied, and made mention on my social media for So Hawt SL, that I was going to “sit in the corner and hold my breath until I found out, one way or the other”… and less than 15 mins later, I was accepted. I swear to heavens, my jaw hit the floor.

Mutresse is an awesome company to work for in Second Life… and here is why I think that.

Over the years, I have watched this creator grow. She makes the BEST and cutest gacha pets, in my opinion. With Rezz Room and Jian coming in strong right by her but, she doesn’t end at pets!

With a strong presence in the gacha community with everything ranging from pets to little humanoids and then some, she also makes some really cute clothes. I actually believe she made the clothing before the gachas.

And her clothing has been taking on a life of its own… literally. They are ANIMATED! Hehe… Which I will be sharing in a variety of ways, depending on if it is pg or adult. If they are adult-rated, I will have to restrict my video shares to Flickr, where I can manage adult content better. However, PG items will either appear on my Youtube Channel, or on Facebook on my So Hawt SL Page.

I am super excited to join her team, and I cannot wait to see what she will bring into this new year!

And, since I really didn’t have time to do a youtube video tonight, especially since I am currently working on a project for eBento, I have added a clip of these frisky lil demons from the photo above to my So Hawt SL Page/Videos, just click and you shall see them. hehe.

Here is all your info… oh, side note. More of a ‘poor planning” on my side, the insert photo of the Fetch hutch, the dimensions were distorted but, the large insert is the correct look. xo Sorry about that!


Lounge | <Heart Homes> Masters Chaise -PG-

Hutch | [Fetch] Azar Hutch

Plants | Little Branch – DracaenaMilkiway{Potted}FatPack

Flowers | TM Creations | GP38 Heart Roses planter and basket |
Jail Event | ends February 30th,  2021


Animals | Mutresse… Frisky Ferrets Gacha

House | Trompe Loeil | Finley

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