Everyone needs a new house..or is that just me?

This is an 83 LI house, and it actually is very bright, and roomy..
reason I sound surprised is because, well.. it has a tree in the living room.. hehe..
I know, I know… as an Elf, I should be happy for the tree… but, lol I am actually more of a tree outside kinda gal.. but, hey… who wouldn’t want to swing around naked in the privacy of their own living room?

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

I blogged random things that I liked over the past month…. or so.. lol

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!


CONVAIR | Suzanne House | Draftsman | April 2017

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