New Years Resolution.. Blog Edition.

~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~

A little bit more than I ever wanted
A little bit more than you could ever say
Did you really think that I’d forgotten
Kicked out the windshield, water coming in
Fade away, fade away

Push just a little too late
Is this what you want, what you need
Is this what you wanted me to be
Always loved me strapped to you
Lock it down and drive me through


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How things use to be…

Song of the Hour

Daft Punk- Around The World

When I was younger, I would literally grab random items from my cupboard to wear,
throw on my favorite shoes of that week and, go out shopping.
I would not care about making my hair “pristine perfect”…
I was just more concerned with comfort..
And, that is what today’s “share” reminds me of.

How things use to be

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