District 5


District 5 has a voting option – letting designers and shoppers vote (for fun) on their favorite Districts!
You may vote only once per avatar but you do have the ability to change your vote – i.e,
if you vote for The Scene but later decide to vote for Sin City then your original vote for The Scene will be removed once you vote for another category.
This is a fun way to tell us what you like and show your support to designers in each District!

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The Arcade Gacha – March Edition

Shhh…. It’s coming!


The Arcade is a gacha event, featuring over 80 of the grid’s best designers and builders, in which high-quality prizes are sold to avatars at random from gacha machines. Set in a seaside build that evokes the whimsical feel of the penny arcades of early 1900’s Coney Island and Brighton Pier, The Arcade strives to present a nostalgic atmosphere that will welcome an audience seeking great gachas, and continue to be a favorite destination for photographers and vintage architecture enthusiasts.

With events planned in March, June, September and December, The Arcade features an eclectic mix of designers with proven quality. Content creators are invited because of their demonstrated commitment to the quality of their merchandise and unique perspectives as artists. The result is a well-rounded collection of must-have attire, goods, and novelties to delight and enthrall shoppers. Guests will discover something special for everyone at The Arcade.

The Arcade Gacha Event News!

Don’t forget the photo contest!
All your info here!

Shopping Guide…
Find out what is going to be available to you!
I use this every time, just to make sure I save enough $$!

You know me, anything I pick up from the event, will be posted all over my blog and flickr!
So make sure you check back regularly!

See you all there, and for an extra lil bit of info!
Read below!

These are the official bloggers!
Now, there are a few here that I personally read however..
I won’t say who!
I want you to check them all out!

Aria Christen – http://littlesideproject.wordpress.com

Anna Sapphire – http://annasapphire.me

Annan Adored – http://interstylefashion.wordpress.com

Arica Storaro – http://www.thebloggingelf.com

Attero Diavolo – http://threadline.org

Augusta Godenot – http://sldesignnotebook.blogspot.com

Booch Capelo – http://unparalleledrush.com

Cara Olivieri – http://iiwantcandy.wordpress.com

Carthalis Rossini – http://carthalis.com

Cajsa Lilliehook & Gidge Uriza – http://itsonlyfashionblog.com

Celeste Forwzy – http://www.wrenandlark.net

Chance Raynier – http://chanceraynier.wordpress.com

Cora Pomilio – http://corapomilio.tumblr.com

Dimitri Shinn – http://dimageinsl.wordpress.com

Elisaokkbye – http://okkbye.wordpress.com

Elle Kirshner – http://secondspacesblog.com

Giela Delpaso – http://gieladelpaso.blogspot.com

Hibari Foden – http://hibarifoden.blogspot.com

Hikaru Enimo – http://hikaruenimo.wordpress.com

Jordan Whitt – http://whitt-icisms.blogspot.com

Joyce Floresby – http://fabulousworldofjoy.blogspot.de

June & Marti Crystall – http://salivasi.wordpress.com

Kaelyn Alecto – http://www.sweetsexycrazy.com

Kev Brunswick – http://justmens.wordpress.com

Kirsty Oherlihy – http://www.kinkyohrly.wordpress.com

Larian Raleigh – http://precioustreasuresinsl.blogspot.com

Levi Megadon – http://dinami.wordpress.com

Lila Clemenceau – http://helloliladreams.blogspot.com

Luna Jubilee – http://lunajubilee.com

Marcopol Oh – http://marcopoloh.wordpress.com

Miaa Rebane – http://miaarebane.com

Monoton Resident – http://monoton727.blogspot.kr

Naraelina Ordinary – http://simplicitybynaraelinaordinary.wordpress.com

Nati Williams – http://inspireyourlook.com

Nevacrystall – http://nevacrystall.com

Neva Seljan – http://nevaseljan.blogspot.com

Oakley Foxtrot – http://thoughtclassicsl.wordpress.com

Petra Messioptra – http://vitabela-vitabela.blogspot.com

Qopi – http://www.ursoqtxoxo.com

Sophia Harlow – http://sophharlow06.blogspot.com

Steffy Ghost – http://steffyghost.wordpress.com

Strawberry Singh – http://www.StrawberrySingh.com

Sunshine Zhangsun – http://solexistence.com

Teshan2222 Wycliffe – http://slexyfashionista.blogspot.com

Thalia Heckroth – http://thaliaheckroth.com

Trinetty Skytower – http://skytowerstudios.wordpress.com

Valena Vacano – http://casadesmurf.com

Vittoria Hancroft – http://www.slidioglossia.com

Vixie Rayna – http://www.vixierayna.blogspot.com

Always learning something, new!

Always learning - 3

I don’t care what, Rio says!! I am NOT too short…… *ooph*…. and, I MEANT to drop that book!

The trouble with not sleeping is that… when you DO sleep, you don’t mean too…. take yesterday.. I logged on to get a couple of the 50L items, and then I thought, well… I am a lil tired, I think I will take a nap, then I will come back and blog this AWESOME stuff.. like this skin from, Glam Affair that was part of the 50L Friday event… but.. guess what… not only did my alarm clock NOT go off.. my “inner clock” did not wake up til I had a bad dream…. then, I went back to sleep after trying to sit up and check my messages on SL….. yeah, that didn’t go over well.. so, back to bed…
Now.. I wake up, and log on, clear messages, go hang out with, Tiseral then I came back and wrote THIS blog entry about my house… and, NOW I am blogging what I am wearing now…. hey, better late then never, right?

Sighhh.. ok, got my book! haha

Always learning - 2

I wanted to also share my jacket from CoCo which who btw is having a 50% off sale right now!!!

My hair, which I find hard to find updo’s like this that actually suit my avatar but, Epoque made this awesome one and I had to get it! It comes with a HUD to change between the colors, and there is a few hair bases to match up with your hair! I got the mix pack, of course.

Men’s Department is not only for men like some of you may think.. they have this awesome backpack from, Aitui and I got the full pack… I mean, the packs are 200L each or 300L for all, and there are three ways to wear this.. I chose on the side but you can wear it on your back, side and front… heheh, like a bunting!
There are 6 colors..

Oh, and speaking of awesome.. guess who joined the MESH Domination!?


Check out these eyes… I am sharing 8 pairs with you but, omg there are so many to choose from, and they are available at Fameshed this month!
And don’t worry everyone! The layer version is included as well, and there is a hud for the different sizes for the mesh ones as well ♥

Always learning - 4

As you can see, I am showing off more of the inside of my house… but, not ALL of it… I thought I would leave some for other posts, hehe…

I went a tad mental looking for more and more decos… tonight, or rather this morning, I was looking for books… because, well as the title states.. I am always learning something new and where is the best place to start? Don’t say TV or the NET….because in the OLD DAYS, lol people learned from, BOOKS…

I found some in my inventory.. from Hate This, What Next, Second Spaces, floorplan… and so many others but, I also decided to get a couple more and picked myself up something from, Myrrine and other places.. lol.

I will post everything down below.. hehe, this is a big post…

Always learning - 1

And remember!!! READ A BOOK!

Haha… and this post of course, like you already have!

You can click the photos to go see them in their larger sizes!

On Me

Skin – -Glam Affair – Vera skin – America – FLF
Shape – So Hawt SL – Shapes – SungChi
Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes- Fameshed
Ears – SLink Sachara Elf Ears “Metal Free”
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed
Hair – (epoque hair) Tied Up – Genetic
Lashes – *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Jacket – *COCO*_BaseballCardigan(DarkRed&W)w/Hoodie_M 50% off sale!
Skirt – *COCO*_PleatedMiniSkirt(Black)_M 50% off sale!
Boots – Corvus : Black Combat Boots
Backpack – AITUI – Ridgeway Bag: Side Style (Click Resize) – Mens Department
Poses – [okkbye] Wizard Books – Static Pose Set & MM Book (not sure if still available)

The House

House – :CP: Sophia House
Furniture – :CP: Bailey
Tree – LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree – Classic
Fireplace – [ba] holiday fireplace – peace on earth hunt 6
Book Clutter – floorplan. book clutter
Bowl – floorplan. bowl of apples
Teddy – ISPACHI [Graham The Teddy Bear] Christmas Gift (Rezzable)
Place setting – [Zacca] Christmas plate
Cards -Lark – Winter Bunting
Game – *Second Spaces* block stack set
Books on FP – Sway’s books with bookend – snowflake
Kleenex – Second Spaces – sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops
Mat – Sway’s Doormat [Welcome]
Bookshelf – :CP: Georgie Shelf
Jar – floorplan. change fund / paradise falls
Book End – [ht] mesh – the bookstache (light)
Books on shelf 1 – Book blue/green. Myrrine
Books on Shelf 2 – { what next } Stack o’ Books
Ladder – Second Spaces – Nellie Office Ladder
Candles – [DDD] Autumn Candle Shelf

The Candy Fair!

October 4th -18th 2013

Candy Fair posterv3

What the heck is Candy Fair?!…

Candy fair is an event created for the love of Candy & Sugar. We all love candy! So we decided to feature all the sweetness that goes along with it. The Event will take place October 4th -18th 2013

Anything featuring Candy, (candy Colors) (example: clothes, jewelry, skins (makeups count too), furniture, home & decor, poses, kids items, anything with candy or featuring candy..

Sponsor List

Designers List

Other Bloggers