100 Block is coming!

100 Block 2014
April 9 – 30, 2014
Depraved Nation

100 Block 2014

The 100 Block was one of Depraved Nations most populated events of 2013 and,
they’d like to do it again!
This is a full sim fashion fair built in a cleaner urban environment that,
will display a creative fusion between fashion, music and art.
In addition to the Fashion Fair there will be a Photo Contest,
with TONS of prizes from participating brands!

The 100 Block Photo Contest
April 12 – 26, 2014

(Winners will be announced on May 28th at 7 PM SLT)

“Here’s how it works:

۞ Entrants will be required to purchase a board (available 4/9/2014) which,
they will use to display their photo and will give a styling NC upon touch.
Boards will be set for sale for 349L$.

۞ In lieu of voting, we are charging a one time entry fee to cover the expense of this contest.
We feel this is the best way to ensure the contest winners are based on photo quality and style versus who can TP in the most friends.
This is NOT a popularity contest or a contest that will collect L$ for votes.

۞ Once the board is purchased please drop your styling NC into the display board,
place your texture on the display board.
IN ADDITION to this, your styling NC & Photo should be submitted to Heather Smithson
(to be used on flickr & issued to participating designers when collecting votes).
Please make sure photos are FULL PERM.

Flickr group for photo contest entrants ONLY.

۞ Participating designers will be asked to vote on the photo’s to determine our 3 winners.
Voting will be made by designers participating in The 100 Block Event ONLY.
There will be no charge for voting.

۞ Photos will remain on display @ The 100 Block SIM until the winners are determined.
At the time winners are announced, we will return all photo boards with the exception of the winners and the winner boards will stay on the sim until the event ends (April 30).

The winners will be announced at The 100 Block SIM during our closing party. This event will feature a live DJ / Performer and will be held on April 28 at 7 PM SLT.

This contest is intended for all residents in SL, not only those with computer software which can enhance an image. Straight screenshots are allowed.

Ready for the Rules???

۞ Photo boards should not be resized. If your image is 2 x 1 you should decrease only the height of the board. If you need assistance with this you can contact Kehl Razor or Heather Smithson.

۞ While using photoshop or similar software outside of SL is allowed it is not necessarily encouraged. Designers will be looking for photo concept, clothing/outfit style, and overall composition. Heavily editing photos will not increase your chances of winning.

۞ Each photo should be focused on style, design and quality. We are looking for an artistic aspect with these photos.

۞ Each entrant should be wearing / using at least ONE exclusive release from The 100 Block event.

۞ Each photo board has a NC giver inside of it, once you have purchased a board and put your Texture on it, please drop a styling NC into the board (a list of all the items you are wearing).

۞ There will only be ONE winner announced per entry. Multiple entry’s should not use the same photo OR the same photo board.

۞ Entrants are allowed to purchase only ONE board per photo.

۞ Entrants may purchase up to 3 separate boards, using 3 separate photos.

۞ Entrants purchasing more than 1 board are only eligible to receive ONE prize package.

In the event that more than one photo from an individual is chosen as one of the top 3 photos, ONLY the highest voted photo will be used when determining the winner.

۞ Prizes will be distributed to ONE winner per placement (we will not divide up prizes for you if you decide to take a photo with a friend or partner).

۞ We will issue prizes ONLY to the person who purchased the photo contest board.

***Contributing designers will be given a NC with the winners names,
it is at their discretion if they choose to issue the prizes to any other avatar,
aside from the winner.***

Official Bloggers for The 100 Block Fashion Fair & Photo Contest ARE allowed to enter but,
must abide by an additional requirement.

Official Bloggers are required to use at LEAST 2 Exclusive releases in their photo contest submission,
at least 1 of those releases must be from a participating sponsor.

Official Bloggers who chose to enter the contest will not be given any special considerations and are expected to abide by all rules & regulations related to the contest.

Participating Designers may choose to submit a photo for DISPLAY ONLY. Participating Designers WILL NOT be added to the pool of photos used for voting and will NOT be eligible to receive any prize related to this contest.

Should a Participating Designer choose to submit a photo, for artistic purposes ONLY, they will be required to abide by all rules & regulations related to the Photo Contest. “

The 100 Block // Photo Contest Prize List

**A Cash prize for each winner will be determined and issued at the closing party. These amounts will come from a percentage of the entry fees collected by Photo Contest Participants.**


10,000L$ Giftcard – Razor
10,000L$ Store Credit – EDELFABRIK
5,000L$ Giftcard – Lapointe & Bastchild
5,000L$ Store Credit – REIGN
5,000L$ Store Credit – Cute Poison
5,000L$ Store Credit – ellemeno
5,000L$ Store Credit – Envious
5,000L$ Store Credit – Barely Legal Couture
3,000L$ Store Credit – AITUI
3,000L$ Store Credit – DeeTalez
2,500L$ Giftcard – Morphine
2,500L$ Store Credit – Insanya
2,000L$ Giftcard – SAKIDE
2,000L$ Store Credit – DeeTalez
2,000L$ Store Credit – S H O C K Factory
2,000L$ Store Credit – Blacklace Lingerie
2,000L$ Store Credit – Luckie
2,000L$ Giftcard – Sassy!
2,000L$ Store Credit – SCRUB
2,000L$ Giftcard – Somnia
1,500L$ Giftcard – deeR
1,500L$ Giftcard – MV
1,500L$ Store Credit – Atooly
1,500L$ Store Credit – etham
1,500L$ Store Credit – .ARISE.
1,200L$ Store Credit – Panda Punx Body Shop
1,000L$ Store Credit (or choice of any 3 fatpacks) – sYs
1,000L$ Giftcard – Epic
1,000L$ Store Credit – geek.
1,000L$ Store Credit – Cynful
1,000L$ Store Credit – AMERICAN BAZAAR
1,000L$ Giftcard – bubble
1,000L$ Store Credit – CoLLisions
1,000L$ Store Credit – Twinkle
1,000L$ Store Credit – dollle
1,000L$ Store Credit – elephante poses
1,000L$ Store Credit – A:S:S
1,000L$ Giftcard – BabyDoll.
1,000L$ Store Credit – Blow-Up
1,000L$ Store Credit – Delirium Style
1,000L$ Store Credit + 1 Custom Tat – elska
1,000L$ Store Credit – Goth1c0
1,000L$ Store Credit – GrungeInk
1,000L$ Giftcard – Holli Pocket
1,000L$ Store Credit – KCollection
1,000L$ Giftcard – K-CODE
1,000L$ Store Credit – Leri Miles Designs
1,000L$ Store Credit – LivGlam
1,000L$ Store Credit – Pretty Liar
1,000L$ Store Credit – Reckless
1,000L$ Giftcard – AlterEgo
1,000L$ Store Credit – TartCake
1,000L$ Store Credit – MUKA
1,000L$ Store Credit – MoDanna
1,000L$ Store Credit – Latreia FootFashions
1,000L$ Giftcard – Banger Island Creations
1,000L$ Giftcard – ZOZ
1,000L$ Store Credit – Nantra
1,000L$ Store Credit – Legal Insanity
1,000L$ Store Credit – 7mad;Ravens
1,000L$ Giftcard – .twenty13.
1,000L$ Store Credit – [trs]
1,000L$ Store Credit – Apple May Designs
1,000L$ Giftcard – BSD Design Studio
750L$ Giftcard – Infiniti
500L$ Giftcard – Pink Sugah
500L$ Store Credit – F.owl
500L$ Giftcard – Grumble
500L$ Giftcard – Letis Tattoo
500L$ Store Credit – Pr!ck
500L$ Giftcard – R3volt
500L$ Giftcard – {W&R}
200L$ Giftcard – ToXiC HiGh

–5 items of your choice from the store – ellabella
–3 items of choice – CnS
–3 Fatpacks – Adoness
–3 Outfits of choice – DRBC
–3 Fatpacks of winners choice – Elysium Skins & Apparel
–3 Fatpacks of winners choice – BOMBSHELL
–3 Fatpacks of winners choice – EMPORIUM
–3 Fatpacks of winners choice – PerveTTe
–3 items of winners choice – Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
–3 Fatpacks (Illicit Bodysuit, Seduce Bodysuit & Caught Top) – 1 Hundred
–2 Fatpacks of Skins (1 from 100 Block exclusive + 1 from store) – WoW Skins
–2 Outfits of winners choice – RD Style
–1 Product of winners choice – Masoom
–ALL Fatpacks from The 100 Block – Little Bones.
–Scratch Nails – Almond Series, Lace Obsession Nails, R.O.C.K. Nails XXL, Black Love Nails – Almond Series, Slink Diamond Dust, Queen of Hell Eyes Tattoo, Last Vision Eyes Fatpack, Spikes & Skull Belly Piercing, Tribal Earrings (animalier) Fatpack, Shockabily Dots Nails – S H O C K Factory


5,000L$ Giftcard – Razor
3,000L$ Store Credit – ellemeno
2,500L$ Giftcard – Lapointe & Bastchild
2,500L$ Store Credit – Cute Poison
2,500L$ Store Credit – Barely Legal Couture
2,000L$ Store Credit – AITUI
2,000L$ Store Credit – REIGN
2,000L$ Store Credit – EDELFABRIK
1,500L$ Store Credit – DeeTalez
1,500L$ Giftcard – SAKIDE
1,500L$ Store Credit – Blacklace Lingerie
1,000L$ Giftcard – deeR
1,000L$ Store Credit – Insanya
1,000L$ Store Credit – S H O C K Factory
1,000L$ Store Credit – Atooly
1,000L$ Store Credit – etham
1,000L$ Store Credit – Luckie
1,000L$ Giftcard – Morphine
1,000L$ Giftcard – Sassy!
1,000L$ Store Credit – SCRUB
1,000L$ Giftcard – Somnia
1,000L$ Store Credit – .ARISE.
800L$ Store Credit – Panda Punx Body Shop
750L$ Giftcard – MV
750L$ Giftcard – K-CODE
750L$ Giftcard – .twenty13.
750L$ Store Credit – [trs]
600L$ Store Credit – Nantra
550L$ Store Credit – Goth1c0
500L$ Store Credit – elska
500L$ Store Credit – Reckless
500L$ Giftcard – Epic
500L$ Store Credit – geek.
500L$ Store Credit – AMERICAN BAZAAR
500L$ Store Credit – Cynful
500L$ Store Credit – sYs
500L$ Giftcard – bubble
500L$ Store Credit – CoLLisions
500L$ Store Credit – Twinkle
500L$ Store Credit – dollle
500L$ Store Credit – elephante poses
500L$ Store Credit – A:S:S
500L$ Giftcard – BabyDoll.
500L$ Store Credit – Blow-Up
500L$ Store Credit – GrungeInk
500L$ Giftcard – Holli Pocket
500L$ Store Credit – KCollection
500L$ Store Credit – Latreia FootFashions
500L$ Store Credit – Leri Miles Designs
500L$ Giftcard – Letis Tattoo
500L$ Store Credit – LivGlam
500L$ Store Credit – Pretty Liar
500L$ Giftcard – AlterEgo
500L$ Store Credit – TartCake
500L$ Store Credit – MUKA
500L$ Giftcard – Infiniti
500L$ Store Credit – MoDanna
500L$ Giftcard – Banger Island Creations
500L$ Giftcard – ZOZ
500L$ Store Credit – Legal Insanity
500L$ Store Credit – 7mad;Ravens
500L$ Store Credit – Apple May Designs
300L$ Store Credit – Pr!ck
250L$ Giftcard – Grumble
250L$ Giftcard – Pink Sugah
250L$ Store Credit – F.owl
250L$ Giftcard – R3volt
250L$ Giftcard – {W&R}
100L$ Giftcard – ToXiC HiGh

–5 items of your choice from the store – ellabella
–2 items of choice – CnS
–2 Fatpacks – Adoness
–2 Fatpacks (Promises Top & Panties, Barback Bodysuit) – 1 Hundred
–2 Outfits of choice – DRBC
–2 Fatpacks of winners choice – Elysium Skins & Apparel
–2 Fatpacks of winners choice – BOMBSHELL
–2 Fatpacks of winners choice – EMPORIUM
–2 Fatpacks of winners choice – PerveTTe
–2 items of winners choice – Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
–1 Fatpack of Skin (1 from 100 Block exclusive) – WoW Skins
–1 Fatpack of winners choice – Little Bones.
–Slink Sparks of Color Nails, Pop Art Love Nails, Animal Instinct Nails, Luxury Nails Pastel, Thirst for Revenge Eye Tattoo, Los Muertos Eyes Fatpack & Claws of Death Piercing – S H O C K Factory


3,000L$ Giftcard – Razor
1,000L$ Store Credit – AITUI
1,000L$ Giftcard – Lapointe & Bastchild
1,000L$ Store Credit – REIGN
1,000L$ Giftcard – SAKIDE
1,000L$ Store Credit – Blacklace Lingerie
1,000L$ Store Credit – Cute Poison
1,000L$ Store Credit – EDELFABRIK
1,000L$ Store Credit – ellemeno
1,000L$ Store Credit – Barely Legal Couture
750L$ Store Credit – Insanya
500L$ Giftcard – deeR
500L$ Store Credit – .ARISE.
500L$ Store Credit – [trs]
500L$ Store Credit – Atooly
500L$ Store Credit – etham
500L$ Giftcard – K-CODE
500L$ Giftcard – Letis Tattoo
500L$ Store Credit – Luckie
500L$ Giftcard – Morphine
500L$ Giftcard – Sassy!
500L$ Store Credit – SCRUB
500L$ Giftcard – Somnia
500L$ Giftcard – .twenty13.
400L$ Store Credit – Panda Punx Body Shop
300L$ Store Credit – Nantra
350L$ Store Credit – Latreia FootFashions
350L$ Store Credit – Goth1c0
250L$ Store Credit – sYs
250L$ Store Credit – elska
250L$ Giftcard – Epic
250L$ Giftcard – geek.
250L$ Giftcard – bubble
250L$ Store Credit – Cynful
250L$ Store Credit – AMERICAN BAZAAR
250L$ Giftcard – cheeky
250L$ Store Credit – Twinkle
250L$ Store Credit – dollle
250L$ Store Credit – elephante poses
250L$ Store Credit – A:S:S
250L$ Giftcard – BabyDoll.
250L$ Store Credit – Blow-Up
250L$ Store Credit – GrungeInk
250L$ Giftcard – Holli Pocket
250L$ Store Credit – KCollection
250L$ Store Credit – Leri Miles Designs
250L$ Store Credit – LivGlam
250L$ Store Credit – Pretty Liar
250L$ Store Credit – Reckless
250L$ Store Credit – Zombie Suicide
250L$ Giftcard – AlterEgo
250L$ Store Credit – MUKA
250L$ Giftcard – Infiniti
250L$ Store Credit – MoDanna
250L$ Giftcard – Banger Island Creations
250L$ Giftcard – ZOZ
250L$ Store Credit – Legal Insanity
250L$ Store Credit – 7mad;Ravens
250L$ Store Credit – Apple May Designs
200L$ Store Credit – TartCake
150L$ Store Credit – Pr!ck
125L$ Store Credit – F.owl
100L$ Giftcard – Pink Sugah
100L$ Giftcard – Grumble
100L$ Giftcard – R3volt
100L$ Giftcard – {W&R}

–2 items of your choice from the store – ellabella
–1 item of choice – CnS
–1 Fatpack – Adoness
–1 Fatpack (Pretty Skimpy Bodysuit) – 1 Hundred
–1 Skin (from 100 Block exclusive) – WoW Skins
–1 Outfit of choice – DRBC
–1 Fatpack of winners choice – Elysium Skins & Apparel
–1 Fatpack of winners choice – EMPORIUM
–1 Fatpack of winners choice – PerveTTe
–1 item of winners choice – Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
–1 Hair Fatpack of winners choice – Little Bones.
–F*ck You piercings, Animalier Nails & Secret Universe Eyes (mesh) Fatpack – S H O C K Factory

Oº°‘¨ F R O S T ¨‘°ºO

A Winter Fashion Fair
December 13th- Janurary 5th


Official Sponsors

Razor ❇ AITUI ❇ Gawk ❇ Insanya ❇ Lapointe & Bastchild ❇ Epic ❇ SCRUB ❇

( r e d ) Mint ❇ n-creation ❇ bubble ❇ SAKIDE ❇ 1 Hundred ❇ DeeTalez ❇ Ducknipple ❇ deeR ❇ Milk ❇ Cynful ❇ Tableau Vivant

Plus, over 100 other amazing designers!

This will be one hell of a shopping event!!

Three days to go!

Depraved Nation Official Blog