Being one with the green..

I wanted to share this song from, The X Factor. This little girl is so, inspirational. Have a look.. see if you can see how I see this. As you all know, I have been blogging up a storm.. and, I am getting in touch with my GREEN side.. With posts on landscaping and, fairies, […]

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Pure Fantasy

Song of the moment.. Heart – These Dream I have so much blogging to do these next few days. And, I will do my very best to do everything, lol. Atm, there is an event called the, Fantasy Faire. This is an event, I have tried to blog each time it has ran. These are […]

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April Showers blah blah blah

DEDICATION TO TAIKI! even if i want to punch him atm. xo I don’t know about you but, the only thing great about the rain… is how fresh everything smells afterwards.. during… lately.. it sucks lol. I wanted to share some items from events happening… I know I have not been blogging much but, if […]

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LOTD – 51

Normally I would put a song of the day here but… today I am going to offer up one of my favorite vbloggers and, a friend from the, GTA (Toronto/Markham). I think you will love her just as much as I do. IISuperwomanII Since I am sharing MANY items from this round of, We love […]

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Look of the Day Series – 16

Another “look of the day”, with a side of shoes! A quick thought before I jump into the shoes! ~Tableau Vivant~ has released this new hair style and it is called, “Hill – Dread Series”. I chose to wear blonde for this post but, there is a hud with 14 different colors~! Two shapes are […]

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Look of the Day Series – 15

Today will be a bonus day! Following this post, I will have a SHOE post… Hehe.. For now, I am sharing items from Glam Affair, Delirium Style, Hucci, GrungeInk, and a few other awesome designers! As always your links will be below and please, check what events they are from! ♥ hehe, I am showing […]

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Look of the Day Series – 14

I keep hearing the Teddy Bears, Picnic playing in my head when I see this photo… Not entirely sure why.. since there are no bears.. This is another LOTD using items that will be available in just a couple days.. A few hours even … what is it now.. alil more then 24 hrs? I […]

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Snow Elf

I am still in the process of healing in rl, and sorting my inventory in SL and I didn’t want my blog to suffer… so, I thought, I would do a few shares… like, look of the moments… This way, my amazing sponsors, and the insane shopper that is I, can share awesome stuff while […]

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We ♥ Roleplay – December

Ok, so I am not very wintery here… but, I wanted to share many items, since I have a world of catch up to do this week, and there are so many awesome items at this round, I thought… well, these all look awesome together, so why not share this look? Skin, lashes, hair, dress, […]

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