Crazy – Tea Hunt

Today was an interesting day of, not being able to login, tp crashes, and flat out ruthed crashes..

My friend, Amaya and I decided to hit the, Tea Hunt, going on at Mijn’s place teas room

A ton of lil bitty black boxes all throw about.
Inside are some really awesome presents.

LOOK at all the designers involved:


Shown here, in this photo are…
Are mostly items from the hunt..

Tea Hunt - Crazy 1

Tea Hunt - Crazy 2

and close up on skin and hair..

Tea Hunt - Crazy 3

I ♥♥♥ this updo, and outfit!

So, read the info at the site.. and head on over to get your goodies!

Shape: Lil Morg – Custom
Eyes:*S Bs Eye CoL-L Bright
Skin:.::Mother Goose’s::. Chiaki_Tea hunt01
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Assam[[Charcoal]]
Ears: *~*Mystic Ear: Fairy/Naturals
Top: (TokiD) knit top
Pants:*Crazy* Nim Jeans
Boots:+KiiToS!!+ Engineer boots

Jacks View

Guest writer: Jackson Lukas

Hello SoHawtSl readers.. my name is Jackson, and I will be your model and editor for the entry.
My sister has asked me to wear, and review a set of skins, as well
as show my personal favorite skins in second life.
I have chosen three personal, and the one review.
I am not looking to make friends, I am only doing this as a personal favor for my family.
So, here we go..

Top three picks.

Buried, Mother Goose & Belleza

So in these I liked the over all look, so we only did some face shots.

Mens Skins Reviews


Belleza - Shawn

Above are the skins I have little to no problems with…
(I wear the Buried skin mainly.)

So that brings us to the one I do not like..
And, to be fair, I have had my sister highlight exactly
what I find.. “wrong” with it..other then the overall appearances.

INAYA Kos - With Highlights

To put it mildly, there was ZERO effort put into this skin.
The seams do NOT match, as clearly shown in the photo.
The color is atrocious.
Also, I have looked closely and it appears that either there were nipples underneath the layer
or maybe they forgot to remove their “practice” nipples, I don’t know what it was but,
there appears to be another layer below the top and it is not matching up.
(another seam issue? i don’t know….)
The face doesn’t do it for me either…
If I was forced to rate this skin.. it would be a 1/10..
the 1 you ask why?
It is a male skin.. we need more male skins.

THIS is how a bod should look:

Skin - BODS

FTW – Buried, Mother Goose & Belleza
Shot Down – Inaya

Sorry Inaya, I suggest sticking with the female skins!

(I scoped many female opinions on the matter of skins.. Inaya just didn’t meet the minimal hawt factor.
There is a very nice “Linden Lab Library” skins in your inventory right now.. just have a peek.)

This has been a guest appearance by Jackson Lukas, happy to help!

Side Note –

Tattoo’s worn through out the entry are from:

The layers come in various transparency styles, also they have demo’s so that you can try them on and
make sure that this is something you would like to have on your bod!
Certainly worth a check!

Also worn through out:

Shape: Jackson – Made by Morgana Hilra
Eyes: MADesigns SOUL eyes ~ brown 2
Hair: [Anaphora]_Andrey II_Darkwood



Well, on my sim hopping travels, I happened upon BALKANIK‘s,
while checking out the bike over at “General Motor’s
(defo a very interesting place, you should check em out too),
where are saw the cutest “long tops”, sorta like tanks, and a dress combined..

(guys.. you will so want to check out this sim too..
there are MANY male items in the 2 stores here, along with the Motorcycles!)

I decided to grab a couple of items to use while I showed off my
KILLERAWESOMESAUCEAMAZING Doc’s… (that’s a real word, I swear!!)

And, I grabbed a bikini.. and the Freebie from the side of the entrance.

So, here are your photos! ENJOY!

Doc and outfit - 1

and a closer look…

Doc and outfit - 2


Shape – Personal

Skin – Mynerva ~Caramel~Sweet Innocence

Hair – >TRUTH< Estelle – black & whites

Top – BALKANIK – Diamond LONg SHirt Blk 2.0 Design

Pants – BALKANIK – Ripped punky BALKANIK 2.0 DENIm

Boots – [DOCS-V2] 8 HOLE – F – Black

Jewelery – *BOOM* Yogurt Bangles Gift (pookie)

Location – Primitive

Poses – Glitterati

Princess for the Day

Growing up, I absolutely LOVED a movie called, The Little Princess, starring Shirley Temple in 1939.

Now there have been many remakes of this movie however, Shirley was my #1 favorite,
with a close second being the 1995 version with, Liesel Matthews (i think that is the right SP).

There is this amazing line, that always made my heart swell and
made me feel beautiful no matter what was going on in my life at that moment..

Miss Minchin: Don’t tell me you still fancy yourself a princess? Child, look around you! Or better yet, look in the mirror.
Sara Crewe: I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics.
Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us.
Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?

I believe this.. and so should you..
If you father, or mother never told you this..


Of course, we can not forget, that in Second Life this is a much easier feeling to “act out”..

Today, I am in a princess mood…

And the best places to go for this..
Is the White Armory.

They pass out gifts once a week, that are made for the most perfect princess… you.

This, was a group gift a few weeks ago, that I just pulled from my inventory, and felt that I should share it..
I am a self conscious princess, lol…. but, you can still see the beauty of the dress…

Every Girl is a Princess -  1

I coupled this with a gorgeous necklace and crown from parts of Princess style dresses by
Ravenlynn Templar (another amazing dress maker, also seen in other postings in this blog).

Every Girl is a Princess -  2

The beautiful skin, is by CandyDoll, and the hair is a current group gift by Lelutka.

The location, is the AMAZING, Botanical Landscaping, Garden an, Straylight.

So very easy to feel like a princess in this setting.

I will leave this entry with a video, fanbased, on the 1995 version of the Little Princess..
the song, is one that is just amazing
(one that reminds me, of everyone that has ever made me feel like I was special,
and I am sure you have ppl like that as well.).. and if you listen close.. there is a clip, with the Audio version, of the quote above.

Enjoy, and remember…

We are all Princesses.
or. princes.

And if no one told you before…
I am now.


Shape: My Own

Skin: *CandyDoll* Angelica for Lazy Sunday

Hair: [LeLutka]-SETH hair – StrawberryBlonde

Lashes: Lynxx Eye Lashes – Feathered W/Short Bottom Lashes

Illusions – *~*Mystic Ears: Fairy/Naturals

Dress: The White Amory English Rose Gown Set-Group Gift Boxed

Crown & Necklace:
Elizabeth Swann’sLink Necklace Silver w/ pearls

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

Hello dear SL’ers!

I hope that you are having a great Sunday!

Today, as almost a challenge by my friend, Xaphan Hanly, I have decided to do a “male post”..

I have gone to one of my most favorite shops in Second Life for, Male Fashion.. (also with female),
*Conners*, owned by Salah Axel..

I love the textures, and the options..
(jacket, undershirt, shirt etc…)..

This weekend they had a “relocation opening party” event with secret 1L sales.

Of course, I went and raided the shop and also picked up the most adorable Bikini..
well…. that is for another post! lol
We are here to talk about MEN’s fashion and so we shall!!

I took a couple photos of what I came up with from *conners* as well as HOC, and KMadd.

So Hawt Sl - Connors

The skin here, is by Sacred, and this would be the free skin offered by the owner,
Wavie Haller by going over to a barrel and mentioning how you heard of their store.

I like the bad boy look, and all bandaged up this is perfect..

Here is a close up on the face, with my charming model, Amaya Namori.. xoxo hugs chica!

Saturday Cuddle

oooo, even here you can see the small details just in the pants alone, by *conners*.. how it
bunches up in the groin area. (yeah i look there too.)
That is true nature!

Also, I am sportin KMadd hair, Gauge Ears and Plastik Eyes!

Thank you to, Xaphan for this idea…

I hope this gives you guys out there more, ideas on where to shop..
(also if you hurry over to *Connors* you never know what deals you may find,
though I highly suggest this place for all folks, male or female!)..

And here is your links!


Shape: Vorn by Morgana Hilra

Skins: *Sacred* Free Skin

Prim Eyes: [T.P]-Animale.Left-DeepSea

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ MARK ~ RD I (past gift)

Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Dice]

Shirt: *Connors* Hight-neck Shirts -BROWN

pants: *Connors* Vintage Jeans Black

Boots: HOC Apparel – Knee Boots


Good morning SL’er’s and friends!

So, yesterday was full of interesting events…
One of which had me sneaking over to Laq, (skin store in Second Life),
to check out what current demos they have now.

I believe it started with friends and I talking about who has the “best value”
as far as skin packs go in Second Life..

Personally, I think that top three, (IMO), are Laq, Belleza and Dutch Touch

    This is not saying they are the only

GREAT skins in SL.. because, let’s face it..
I am a skin whore (admitting it is half the battle… and shopping for more, is an awesome crutch),
but, I have to say..
Giving MANY options, as well as HB, is most helpful..

Below I have picked one of the best demos in the bunch that I picked up, Mima…

Mima, is a beautiful, soft and gorgeous, Asian skin..
I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on..
I started with the “natural” with a HB..
And it looked amazing on my shape..
So, I ventured to more make ups, and of course…
being me.. Took a dramatic photo, of the demo, and PS’s it to death!!

Here is the outcome:


THIS.. was a DEMO…

And, I fell in lust, love, and need with this skin..

I wished, and wished and omg, prayed…
and I got it.. (ty Allen), and I decided to use it for
todays blog!

I decided to go total bad girl, grunge, totally hiding the “normal” sweet and innocence of the “asian” girl…

Mixed with Laq, Cobrahive, *Argrace*,
HOC, Sinistyle and Others… lol.. I had fun with this outfit!

What A Bad Girl

All in all I think this outfit is sooo awesome,
I decided to use it as my “default” outfit…

You know what I mean…
When you log into Second Life and your avatar…
Looks like the “old ruth” that SL LOVES to give us..
The one that makes the men into women and the women…
Into scary freaks?

Here is my suggestion…
Find an outfit combo you LOVE..
Then, go into edit appearance…
At the bottom of your edit screen, you will see “make outfit”
or “create outfit”..
Click that..
And click “all boxes”…
Rename the folder to something that will be easy to find.
Click save.

Then, next time you have the “ruthed login“, simply, enable the Advanced menu, go to:
Character, Character tests, test female…
This will revert you to the NEWBIE that you were when you first joined second life…
(men, you do a test male :p)

Then, find your folder, and drag it on to yourself..


All better!!

OK, I hope you enjoyed this post…
I hope it one day helps you!

Enjoy your day.. and maybe, I may have another post alil later today!!



Shape: Custom

Eyes: ::UH::Stray Cat eye(dryground)M

Ears: * Illusions * *~*Mystic Ear: Fairy/Naturals

Skin: LAQ ~ Mima 10 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase)


(upper) [HUZ]-Kanji Legacy-Faded
(lower) [HUZ]-Sleek

Hair: LAQ ~ HB-style #08

[ATOMIC] Lashes – Natural

Top: *+*JILL*+*GGBC-shirt 3 ( I believe they have closed.. check out her blog for info.. xoxo ♥ u jillybean!!)

Shorts: *ARGRACE Lady short denim (*Open Front)

Hand wrappings
: SiniStyle Taped Fist (Loose Hand – Forearm Gap)

Boots: HOC Apparel – Knee Boots

Piercings: Cobrahive – Ouchie – Black/Silver (mouth)

Face Attachments:
Cobrahive – Eye Wrap (black/chain)

Atomic Love

Heya everyone!

Okay, so I am still RAVING mad (in a good way),
over Denier Cri’s Taylor hair.. lol.
I swear to god this hair is …. omg, second to Truth, (a close match.. love you Mr Hawks lol), with the flexi, and the shape and style…
Omg, I love it.. and I am STILL wearing my eyes from, ::UH:: !!!

So, today, I have two sets that I am showing..
by Atomic’s Ivy Graves and the other by {Gisaci} ‘s, Nicole David…

First up…


VIP gift!

So Hawt - Atomic - VIP Gift

This adorable long sleeve top was, given out to the Atomic Vip group.. it is located on the counter as you walk in.

Directly to the right of the desk is a display for really, cute jeans.. (I had to have… pictured above)..

And, since I was wearing, the pants and top,
I decided to pair them with a past VIP gift, my YUMMY skin, [ATOMIC] Skin Winter_Porcelain – Frost (VIP Gift) (xmas gift WOOT! lol)..

Yesh, I love Atomic, lol…..

ooo upclose on the face.. yesh!!!

So Hawt - Denier Cri and Atomic

(I am in lust, lol)

Next we have one of my most favorite put together outfits…

This, is from, {Gisaci}…

So Hawt - Gisaci

In this photo.. again, we have MY FAVORITE HAIR lol.. Denier Cri’s Taylor in Blonde..

Amazing Tweed pants and the most amazing Sweater.. I LOVE IT..
Also, as you can see here….

So Hawt - Taylor Hair close up


This one, was one of the Stumble event skins.
(still in love with it.)

So.. LOL.. below are all the “correct names”, and all the locations..
Also, I have taken care with this one,
to make sure not to do too much edit so you can see the awesomeness without too much blur, or color effects.


    Outfit One:

Shape: Custom, worn thru out.
Eyes: ::UH::StrayCats eye(dryground) (worn thru out)
Ears: *~*Mystic Ears: Fairy/Naturals (worn thru out)
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylor – Brown Shades
Top: [ATOMIC] Vital Top_Champagne (vip)
Pants: [ATOMIC] Skinny Jeans – Night
Shoes:SLink Aveela Stiletto Herringbone (worn thru out)

    Outfit Two:

Shape, Eyes, Ears, and Shoes, same as above.

Skin:[ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Stumble
Top: {Gisaci} Cowl Lurex Sweater – White
Pants: {Gisaci} Journey Tweed Slacks – Twig