iheartsl bloggers Group Shout Out

Logging in today to check group notices from the iheartsl bloggers group is always fun!

I feel like a kid in a candy store!

All these really awesome bloggers send out gifts/review
copies of their products to be blogged by a bunch of really awesome bloggers!

Now, if you are interested in blogging,
I am not sure if the enrollment is open again but,
all you have to do is click here, and go to the “join us” tab and apply.

Same with designers!
If you are interested in joining and sending out your awesomeness to the bloggers, just follow above!

Here are a few of the awesome releases this round!

Bombshell Outfitters – Knit Sweaty black and Jeans grey
shsl - Bombshell Outfitters - Knit Sweaty black and Jeans grey

Bombshell Outfitters – Leather Corsage-Pants
shsl - Bombshell Outfitters - Leather Corsage-Pants

elymode Shameless – Variety
shsl - elymode Shameless - Variety

bd – Suzzie Dress – Rose

shsl - bd - Suzzie Dress - Rose

AA SilverJinx Urbane Princess Set
shsl - AA SilverJinx Urbane Princess Set2
shsl - AA SilverJinx Urbane Princess Set

I hope you enjoyed this round!!
And make sure that you check out the iheartsl bloggers group!!

Poseur & Skin Fair!

I am running out of time for tonight so I will blog,
Poseur’s newest Pose Props & the two skins that I got from the “Skin Fair”..
Tomorrow, I will post the “Skin Fair” gifts!!!

Skin Fair opens for public tomorrow!!!!
20th February at 03:00pm second life time.

There are many many designers!
All very talented!!

I went in and omg.. I was in love!

I tried all the demos.. which I HIGHLY suggest!!

Since the opening will no doubt have a TON of
avatars may I please recommend that you were as LITTLE or no prims/scripts as possible?

I recommend a skin like.. this, low lag, painted skin…
or something LIKE IT…

Now, I fell in love with many of the skins but, I decided for myself, to get, Lara Hurley’s Ava and Laq’s new Susan skin.

Lara - Ava- My three TOP favs

LAQ – Susan

Laq - Susan - Fav 3 skins

If I can, I will also go back for Glam Affair’s Mary skin.. (which is to die for.. I just happen to see it AFTER I got the others LOL)
That is a great note as well!!
Check ALL the places, all the demos, then buy buy BUY!!!

Second Life Skin Fair from 20th of february 2011 till the 6th of march 2011 !!

Make sure to stop by!!!

ALSO today, I would love to share, Poseur Poses..
Omg.. I love this new set!!
I am very into the “pin up doll” sorta style!
And, “POSEUR Showdolls stage ” is sooo close to it, it rocks!!

Shown here are 3 of my favorite poses however, there are more then 10 to go thru!!

Poseur - Showdolls stage prop photo 3

Poseur - Showdolls stage prop photo 2

Poseur - Showdolls stage prop photo 1


They have also released, POSEUR – Work It Baby pose prop!!!

Again, many poses to choose from (6), so I have taken photos of my personal favs!!!

Thank you to, POSEUR for allowing me to blog these awesome sets!

POSEUR - Work It Baby Photo - 3
POSEUR - Work It Baby Photo - 2
POSEUR - Work It Baby Photo - 1

So much happening today!!!

I need to run, for a dose of RL so, make sure you stop by!! Both places are sure to tickle your fancy!!


Shape – Susan – A little dream

Eyes – .ID. Onyx Eyes

Lingerie – -Phoenix Rising-Envy (Lilac)

Shoes – P10 Serenity Denim Free Gift

SKIN – Lara & Laq at the skin fair!!!

Poses – POSEUR~



This was the press release info and stay tuned after for another awesome skin and pose blog!!

The Vanity Universe Skin Fair back for the 3rd edition, brings you the “must-go” fixture:

At Vanity Universe, the leading trade fair for high quality skin products, second life´s most delicious skin brands will be providing an overview of the professional skin market and offering an insight to the latest products.

Thousands of qualified buyers attend to see the newest products from their current and new suppliers to find brand new resources.
The Vanity Universe Skin Fair is Second Life’s oldest and most important trade event for the skin industries. Vanity Universe was founded with a vision to provide a one-stop show and to fulfill the need of making unique and high quality products easily accessible to buyers. Where “quality and not quantity” is the motto, Vanity Universe Research and Development team carefully studies the market to invite only the best products to the show.

Vanity Universe always presents the latest developments and trends in the skin industry. Currently, as a result of the new viewer generation and the trend towards more individual awareness, the “Tattoo Layer” business concept is increasingly asserting itself. New for 2011: Combining both Makeup Layers and Skins.

We are proud to announce our global partnership with Modavia Productions.
Modavia publishes the Modavia Fashion Directory – the quintessential Guide to the Who’s Who of Top Fashion in Second Life, featuring the famous Modavia Supermodels and Master Photographers. We are delighted that Modavia will support our team at Skin Fair this year.

Vanity Universe is happy to invite you to visit the 3rd international Second Life Skin Fair from 20th of february 2011 till the 6th of march 2011 !!

Vanity Universe is opening their gates on sunday, 20th february at 03:00pm second life time.


Skin Mania!

So as you may have guessed already, today’s post is all about my FAVORITE SL subject!


First up we have Jesylilo!
This skin comes with MANY options, such as..
matte, shiny, hair base, no hair base and others.

This is one of Lilo’s newest skins to date!

SHSL - Skin O Mania - 1

And she also has a tooth layer.
SHSL - Skin O Mania - 2
(shown with Pierce of Mind – Vertical Labret
& ::UH::Gemstone eye(aquamarine) eyes)


Another great one is, Lara Hurley..
I LOVE these skins..
Alot of the time you will see me wearing her skins.
With hair based, or no hair based options, this skin is amazing.
Purely innocent, and yet still has an allure..

SHSL - Skin O Mania - 3
(shown with ::UH::KOi-Crazy for you eyes &
– Face Piercings – Fluffy)


Another one I LOVE..
and have so many of that I have just decided to show these three since they are all from the same “line” is, Glam Affair!!
This is eva.. normally I only wear the “natural” but, I decided to add the pale as well here..

The BEST place to preview these awesome skins, is the Dressing Room..
Also, Aida is really awesome with her vip group members!

SHSL - Skin O Mania - 5

I love Glam affair! Very sensual, and sleek!


So, I could sit here for hours on hours pointing out my favorite places but, I do not have that much time..
I decided to use skins, for this post that I have not done often , with the exception of JesyLilo because, she rocks LOL.

I hope that you enjoy this post!


Shape – Suzanne Shape – A little Dream

Skins – Mentioned above.

Horns & Ears – .ILLUSORY.

Hair – ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Tweet -B ( Black)

Pierce Of Mind Drot!

As many of you know… finding the best of anything for your avatar is hard enough without soooo many ‘choices” out there.

Now this being said.. it took me 2 years for me to find my fav horns & ears (.ILLUSORY.)..
Tattoos (Para Designs)..
Eyes (Poetic & UH)…
Skins.. well that is a draw so I am not going to post just ONE place LOL..
But you get the idea…

Now, today I decided to go to the mainstore of a piercing place I found on the fly one day god knows when LOL… Pierce of Mind..

I am an extreme gal.. I love to see how far ppl will go as far as piercings!

I really like this Pierce of Mind place..

So.. today, seeing that they are having a sale (19L on almost all their piercings,
tho I am not sure for how long but, WHO CARES, I like this place LOL)…

I got…. a few… oh HUSH Flirt.. keep that to yourself.. LOL..

Oh yes, and I should add, that while there, I had a convo with Flirt (the creator) about the hair in his ads…
So, I also went buy and picked up a couple new hairs!

Here are your photos… PLUS.. a sneak attack photo… I am so bad!





And.. Mr Flirt himself… (sneak attack)

HAIR.. was..
*DROT* Andy- Pink
*DROT*– The Steven- Smoke

LOL If I could have I would have gotten more hair.. it is way too much “my style”.

So, take a look have some fun..
and say hello to the creators!

They are actually nice..
well at least Flirt is, LOL I was alil too shy at the other store….
but, Cielo was nice LOL.

Cya all laters!

Love Is In The Air…

Fast post for you all today..
I am doing it alil differently tonight, all you special info is ON the photos and the LM’s will follow!!

All the items here are NEW releases!
So make sure to take a quick tp over and check it all out!

First up..

Herbie gave me an AWESOME V-Day gift…
His name is Numa..
Yes, after the Numa Numa song on Youtube!

My Lemur

You can get these awesome Monkey’s from Zooby’s!

So, next up we have new items from Sysy’s
as well as Inaya Skins!

SHSL - Love is in the Air - 1

Featured here:
Inaya Skins

All the designers featured on my blogs are amazing, and these all are all sooooo TALENTED!

Next up we have Inaya again, as well as Chichickie Hair, Bells Boutique and Purrrfect 10 (vip gifts ppl!! can’t go wrong!).

SHSL - Love is in the Air - 2

Bells Boutique

Inaya Skins
Purrfect 10

Thank you to all the designers that are amazing enough to donate copies of their outfits for us bloggers to post on our blogs.
and thank you to all the other bloggers out there, that inspire each of us everyday!

Thank you to herbie, for the wickedass gift.. my lemur rocks.

Happy Vday to you all!

[Hate This]

Hey everyone!

I have this really awesome friend named, Corvus Szpiegel and,
on top of being a really awesome person, he is also a really cool designer!

He is the owner of a store called [Hate This] and makes male and female clothing!

Recently he released the Skull Sweater dress I am wearing in the following photos.

He also is involved in current hunts, and has some really cute freebies in the store.

So, that all being said, here is the awesome dress,
as well as awesome uber cool boots by Maitreya, and yummy skin by Curio and
of COURSE where would I be without my Truth hair!

The piercing is a freebie at my store.
A small stall by the stage when you land :).

ALL info and links will follow the photos!

And thank you very much Corvus, for the awesome clothing.
I will definitely be adding more n the days to come!


Close Up on top

and close up on face


Shape – Suzanne by Morgana

Skin – :Curio: Sundust-Yum-Pure

Hair: >TRUTH< Adele – raven

Eyes; ::UH::MOON EYE -blue-(M)

Horns & Ears : .ILLUSORY.

Piercing: Pierced by Morgana

Nails: *[PM] Nail Hud – Platinum Edition V2 : Gloss

Sweater Dress: [ht] rawr skulls – dress

Boots: Maitreya Gold – Shearling Boots Black

Poses: Diesel Works – Modeling Chair V.2011