So Hawt SL

"I just think this….. is so.. HAWT"



So Hawt SL – And now for a toast!

And now for a toast

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So Hawt SL – Eve Mesh Body Review & Other

First Stop - Then Review

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Holiday Scream Queen!

Holiday Scream Queen

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Happy Holidays & Other Stories

Happy Holidays

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Get ready for this..

Within the Shadows

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Depraved Nation – Frost 2015

F R O S T 2015

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My mother came to Hazard when I was just seven
Even then the folks in town said with prejudiced eyes
That boy’s not right
Three years ago when I came to know Mary
First time that someone looked beyond the rumors and the lies
And saw the man inside

We used to walk down by the river
She loved to watch the sun go down
We used to walk along the river
And dream our way out of this town

Hazardous - 1

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Here is to a New Year!

May all your dreams come true this coming year!

~Blog set to music ~

Do you think about me when you’re all alone?
The things we used to do, we used to be
I could be the one to make you feel that way
I could be the one to set you free

To a new year
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Pneumonia vs the Holidays…….

Hey all… well, I have recorded a video touching base on the Maitreya mesh body…
The Frost event.. and,
The rest… lol, I honestly don’t know….

Looks about right
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