I want to share some free gifts at the Hair Fair!

Hair Fair Gift 1

Emo.Tions Mainstore

All these beautiful hairs are some of the offered gifts for visiting the Hair Fair 2022!

There are also some very pretty bandanas, and little stuffed animals you can pick up, and 100% of proceeds go to wigs for kids!

Hair Fair Gift 2

Ade Mainstore

You can pick these hairs up on different sims, in the venders store.

Hair Fair Gift 3

no.match mainstore

Each costs either 0L or 1L each.

Hair Fair Gift 4

A&A Mainstore

The Hair Fair runs between June 25th, and July 10th, 2022.

Hair Fair Gift 5

Exile Mainstore

There are several new to me designers, as well as some awesome legacy creators. I cannot wait to see how many others come together to make this year as awesome as I know it can be!

Hair Fair Second Life

Check the website for more information!

Opening is coming, not too much longer! Be ready!

Official Hair Fair 2022 Blog

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