Home is where my puppy is.

Home is where my puppy is.

My dog was a Shih’tzu. I wasn’t able to find a puppy like mine before I did up the photo here but, I think Cockerspanials are amazing as well, so, Jian makes some awesome-looking ones. Some are decor, some are companions and wanderers. I used a decor item for this pic.

I wish I could have my puppy back. It’s been over a year now but, I still “feel” her in the house. And I miss her as if she were my adopted child. Maybe that sounds weird but, to us, she was a part of our family. She is missed every single day.

So, yes… home is where our puppy is.


Plant | Little Branch –

Shelf | TM Creation – D07 Home is Wherever Shelf
Shiny Shabby | ends 15th October 2021

Nicknacks | Granola.
Watermelon Sugar & Heat Waves

Dog | JIAN – Splendid Spaniels

Build | Foxcity – afterparty

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