Sweetest lil thing…

Sweetest lil thing...

Say hello to Rezz Rooms sweetest lil Siberian Husky Puppy.

I saw this lil devil today, and he was just too cute NOT to take a photo of…
Or, maybe… a dozen or so.

I convinced my friend to cycle through the static poses,
and I just about died from the cuteness!

This is just one of the many Animesh Companions
available from the Rezz Room.
They have a variety of companions available for your pleasure.

Everything from sweet and innocent-looking puppies,
to ferocious 3 headed dogs to, flying serpents and so much more.

Take a trip over to Rezz Room’s Flickr to take a look at all the options available.
Check out the videos that are available of all the animations.

These are some of the best in SL,
so don’t miss out on owning at least one,
or 100 of their awesome designs!

Take this limo over to the store,
and say hello to your new friend for me!

Your Limousine, Sir/Madam

Enjoy your trip, I can’t wait to see what you get!

Thank you to my friend,
who was sweet enough to let me snag pics of their puppy!

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