A deeper meaning of you and I

A deeper meaning

Here is an example of how just one nice word, a sentence,
can change someone’s day or evening.

As many of you know now, Lelutka has come out with a new line of mesh heads, EvoX, and now a bunch of amazing makeup, and other, applier makers out there in Second Life, are rushing around updating their lines, and also making new ones, to be able to keep up with this very pretty mesh head.

Amongst them is Luna Arien owner of, Delicatta.

This is a “new to me” store, and I happened to see her releases while I was doing a broad search on Flickr, looking for other creators that were making releases for this mesh. I really want to try and keep current, and well… I also wanted to support the ppl that make these creations.

I decided to share my finds from time to time…starting tonight, on my Facebook so, that others can go and grab the awesome creations too.

Tonight, I started with Luna… and she was so nice about me sharing… that I decided to put off logging out, and purchased, now blogged, one of her items! This makeup set is called, Luna… nicely named, huh?

I love these sets… Ones that offer multiple choices.
IE: Lips and Liners… etc. So, this was a perfect buy for me.

I wanted to thank Luna for making my night so much better than what it had been before your response to my share on FB.

It was heading in a downward spiral, I was regretting logging on, and well… you saved my evening, so, thank you!

To everyone else!

Remember, always, others are likely having a “day, week, month, or year” of “it”, and a little kindness goes a long way. It could be anything… in this case, it was just being thankful that someone supported their store… And it brightened my day so much that there is sunlight all over the place.

hehe.. Have a great Friday, and coming weekend!

See you all later!



Shape | Personal

Mesh Body | Legacy – Classic

Head | LeLUTKA – Avalon

Hair | DOUX – Kiara hairstyle

Makeup | Delicatta – Luna (LeLUTKA Evolution/Evolution X)

Skin/Ears/Eyebags | [Glam Affair] Ava Skin [Lelutka EvoX] Ivory |
Skin Fair | ends March 29th, 2021

Body Applier | Glam Affair – Legacy Body Skin – Ivory |
Skin Fair | ends March 29th, 2021

Eyes | A R T E – Spring Eyes |
Tres Chic Gala | ends March 30th, 2021


Outfit | Limited Addiction – Lola Set FatPack |
Black Fair | March 13th(5pm slt) – 27th, 2021


Poses | Secret Poses – Nina

Decor | Synnergy//Giant Floral Backdrop | New Release

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