With Skippy in Mind

With Skippy in Mind

Sometimes, I like to point out some of my favourite Flickr talents,
and today, I am sharing Skippy Beresford.
He is a blogger and a talented graphic artist!

I created this scene with him in mind.

He loves ships.

And, I was just in a random mood this afternoon,
and he was the person I thought of, so I wanted to make
sure that my post showed a
the most unique ship, just for him.

And a few extra awesome items for him to play with!

I had a bed like this when I was a kid.
Well, mine looked more like something out of sailor moon but, still.
It was fun to play on!


Ship | <Heart Homes> Longship Bed

Trees | Little Branch – LindenGreenSpireTree{Animated}4Seasons_Pack
The Men’s Dept | ends March 31st, 2021

Plants | TM Creations – M28 Tropical Arrangements |
Swank Event | ends March 31th, 2021

Dogs | …Mutresse… Chubby Puppies Gacha-

Clutter | Tentacio. Romantic morning

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