A new attitude!

My new custom made shape by, Amorenna

I met this awesome chick while blogging for Sekai!

Her name is Amorenna Starlight.
Hehe, I told her that her avatar reminds me of, “gothic classic”. And it truly does.

She has one of the most unique avatars I have ever seen in Second Life. And I love it.
So many people look exactly the same, and I envy her ability to look different.

We got to talking about what I wanted to do with my avatar, especially now that I am going to try and use my Legacy mesh body more often, and she totally helped me out. And I ended up contracting her to make me a “for me only” shape. And this is what we came up with.

Sure, I did tweak it, literally very minorly but, I think it has turned out awesome. And you will just have to tune in to see how the body looks, hehe.

Amorenna is a really cool person. I love our chats, even if some of the stuff has made me blow Dr. Pepper out my nose. hehe.

Anyway… I wanted to share this with you, my readers, and I also wanted to show off my pretty picture.


I am going to sign off for the night and I am taking at least Monday, and maybe Tuesday as well off. I need the break for my RL health. And I am sorry if this disappoints any of my sponsors or readers but, I have not had a great weekend, and I think I just need a little break.

I shall return!



Shape | Personal/Custom Made by Amorenna Starlight

Mesh Body | Legacy – Classic

Head | LeLUTKA – Ryn

Hair | DOUX – Kiara hairstyle

Skin | Glam Affair – Lelutka Skin – Raisa 004 |
UBER | ends March 22, 2021


Eyes | IKON Babylon Eyes – Nymph

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears


Earrings | [Fetch] Bone Hoops | Past Group Gift


Poses | STUN

Decor | MINIMAL – March Group GIft 2021

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