Beauty School Dropouts

Beauty School Dropouts

I had wanted to share these really cute little fairies with you that was created by, Mutresse and are a part of the next Arcade Gacha Event coming in March but, I am so tired, I accidentally resized the template, and so, I don’t think I am showing them off well enough, so, with that said, I invite you to check out Eeky’s Flickr for the full Gacha List!

In the photo, I wanted to give the impression that these adorable little beauty school dropouts, were about to make the poor innocent kitty, their latest victim…

When you were a kid, did you ever play, “beauty school” with your pet? I did. My french poodle, Pepper, always came out of my room with his nails painted some weird assed color. hehe. I was six! And bored… and he wasn’t hurt. Hell, the silly dog licked my arm each time. He seemed more concerned over the fact that there had to have been a ton of salt, or something on my wrist, than what I was putting on his claws…

My grandfather, however…well, he didn’t appreciate that pink, sparkly mess I made of his “manly man’s dog”… Hmm, it was a FRENCH POODLE!

Point of reference.

Anyway, here is your info on where to purchase all the
items in this very, sweet, serene… crime scene.


Fairies | …Mutresse…Fairy Beauty Team |
The Arcade Gacha Event | March 1st – 31st, 2021

Cat | Mutresse-Exhausted-Shortie Cats

Chair | Granola. Carmella Hanging Rattan Chair.

Plant/Plants | TM Creation – D03 The shelves of hearts & Pots Set |
Shiny Shabby | ends March 15th, 2021

Trolly | <Aphrodite> <Aphrodite> Valentines drinks cart

Build | Synnergy Country Cottage Skybox |
Home & Garden Expo. | Feb 27- March 10, 2021

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