chillin with my gnomie lol

chillin with my gnomie lol

Well… first my viewer crashed 5 or 6 times… or was that 100… anyway, then my whole pc locked up, and had to be forcibly restarted. Then, in rl, I thought, hmm, I will just close my eyes for 5 mins…make that 5 hrs. Sigh. The universe is telling me, I should have stayed in bed.

Well, at least Tiseral had a laugh and we got to take a photo…after all that drama… well, not me passing out in RL… that came after but, anyway… it was an ok ending to an otherwise shitty night.

I am thinking for weekend event items, since I am silly and forget sometimes to write down which weekend event it is, I may just write “weekend event”, unless I actually do know, in which case, I will post it, that way, it covers everyone. I love the weekend for these sales but, my god… I just line up the places I want to visit via the URL… not the actual names of the events. I get in, grab what I need, then leave. lol. oops.


Pose | Synnergy Endlessly Bento Pose |
Saturday’s 30L Sale Exclusive | Feb 6th – Feb 7th, 2021

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