All forms of love exist

All forms of love exist

Once upon a time, I had this amazing friend named Greg. We had a unique friendship. He always protected me. He was always there. Actually, literally. He was kind of creepy in a way. haha.

I was a kid though, we both were. Born literally 1 day apart. I wish I knew how important that friendship was to me when I was able to make a difference in his life but, we were kids, and kids seldom know what is best for them, or ppl around them. And one day, I lost him.

He and I had only been friends a short time, and his death ruined me. And we had only known each other for a few years.

Now, the guy above, my Doomie… we have known each other for 3 or more time that long. We have had fallouts, that hurt… but, we always made it back to each other. And he is my closest friend.

I can tell you, without a doubt, that I love this guy. And before you get all gross, no. Not romantic. I think we would kill each other if it were but, I love him… like, hmm.. that overly too close “brother’s best friend”, lol. You know the one… the crushing friend. The one you can see yourself dancing with, or pretend mackin on, but, never would lol. Because it’s taboo as shit. lol.

Anyway, my point is, if I were to lose him, to death, I would lose my damn mind. I love this dude. And if he ever doubted, he sure as hell can’t now. huh?

Hold your friends close. Always.



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