All you need is love – Family Edition

All you need is love

In all of our Second Life experiences, we will all fall, in what we believe is, love. And sometimes, it’s real. Who am I to say it’s not? However, love is like a season. It passes. Sometimes, it can stand the changing of the seasons, and sometimes, it just cannot.

The “love” of a significant other however is different than the love of family. The love of a parent or say, an Aunt, can be so much more fulfilling than the romantic love of another. The reason is, in Second Life, we choose our parents. We choose to grow those relationships and stick by them. Sure, sometimes even those can fail but, if we keep at them, they can thrive.

I kind of fell into my mother/daughter relationship with my mother. Leannan. She was a friend in a past life, aka an alt, haha, and then, after a falling out with another mother figure, Leannan knew I needed a mother figure in my life, and she stepped up and became my mother in all my Second Life lives… aka Alts… Although we do not talk, every single day, I know she is there if I need her, and I am there if she needs me. Just like in real life. Most people do not speak to their parents every single day, lol…

My father, Delkor… He is my father figure in Second Life, and in Real Life. He is the very heart of me. He has also been my father figure since the goddamn dawn of TIME! haha. We talk often, and even though he is rarely in Second Life anymore, that doesn’t end the fatherly/Daughter relationship we have.

Again, we choose our family, and I think in this respect, I chose well. Actually, with the three people I am sharing with you tonight, I chose amazingly.

And last but never least.

My Aunt VaVa… I once had this mother figure in Second Life. Greta. She was so sweet and nice and nurturing. She was what you always imagine a mother to be when you grow up in foster care of group homes… She was not long for this life. She passed away a few years back… Heck, maybe longer now but, she had this insanely awesome sister, Vava.

Vava is one of those Aunts that show up out of the blue and shower you with love and support, and then disappears for however long, however, she is never far away. She makes it known that you are one of her loved ones and that no matter how long it has been, she will always make time for you.

These are the people that I love without regret in Second Life.

Sure there are others but, these three, they have been there for me, through everything. To listen to me when I hurt. To laugh with me when I just cannot find my breath. To rally me when I feel attacked. And just to be there when I need to talk… and I hope, know, that they know I would be all these things for them as well.

During your time in Second Life… you may find joy, pain, a creative outlet… and even some really amazing friends.

I know to some, my post may come off as “selfish”… All this “me me me, i i i”…but, I think in this case, it’s OK to be selfish. You SHOULD be selfish of your family. They need to know that you appreciate them, and that what they do matters.

I strongly suggest that you always tell those important to you how much they mean to you so that you never lose those people. They need to be told from time to time that they matter to you. They, as far as I know, are not mind readers.

So… to my family.

I love you.



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