Well, the guys are always telling us to ride them…so…


So, for the first time ever, I found a notecard in a pose folder, from the creator of Love Craft, telling us to use a pose editor to adjust a pose to fit our avatars better. This was an awesome find. Someone acknowledging the fact that not all avatars are carbon copies of each other, and will need to adjust to fit the pose. Some creators, such as Satomi Masukami, owner of Foxcity, will include a note with recommendations for portion adjustments, and I like those too. Those are perfect for ppl that cannot afford the Animare or another pose adjuster.

It really doesn’t take a creator long to just jot down their shoulder width, and muscle mass that they used to create the pose. I am actually floored that more ppl do not do this. It would be an incentive to bring more ppl to purchase their poses, knowing that they have done their best to make sure the customer is able to recreate the pose from the photo.

As a customer, reading this blog post, I would love to know your thoughts on this? If a creator included their basic body dimensions, would you be more inclined to purchase the poses?

Anyway, in the photo above, I did adjust my legs, not by much, and I adjusted my hands so that they were not sinking into my opposite arm. And I used Animare to do the adjustments.

On another note, moving on, I happened to hear a rumour that there was a nice free gift, from a new store in Second Life called, Butterscotch. It’s a men’s store, and the freebie is actually a very nice Henley top. Tiseral is wearing it above. When we heard about it on Saturday, the group was free to join. I do not know how long that will last if it is still going on but, I went with Tiseral to check out the store, and it was a really nice, small store, and bright. And the clothing looks pretty nice. Especially with the fact that the tops do not make the male avatars look bulky. I find that seems to happen a lot for men. I don’t know why but, hey, go check the store out. Join the group and grab the gift. I think there is also a 400L credit. Again, do not quote me on this. It may have been a very limited time offer. All the more reason to go check it out fast!

Click here for more information.

Alrighty then… I hope you all have a safe and healthy year,
and I will see you at the next post.

Pose & Other info

Morgie Skin & Other info Click Here

Top | Butterscotch – Lukas Henley | Free | Limited time free group

Pose | Love Craft – Carrying Love  |
MIIX event | ends Jan. 22nd, 2021

Backdrop | Serenity Style – The Garden Balcony Backdrop |
POSEvent | ends Jan. 19th, 2021


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