Always read the fine print!

The Contract

I love contracts. In the real world, I will read everything in a contract. That is how I always catch ppl. Especially for my phone, or an account somewhere. It’s funny because, these same ppl that produce these contracts are always so sure of themselves but, I will tell you this much… in all of my life, there has yet to be a contract that does not include some form of loop-hole…

Take the one above… tell me, can you find it? I sure as heck did. hehe.

Enjoy! Happy hunting!



Contract | .:Short Leash:. The Contract Set

Wheel/Star Fish | TM Creation – D02 The Ship’s Wheel Set |
Unik | ends  Jan 28th, 2021


Plants | Little Branch – BradfordTree{Potted}_Pack

Game | *Tentacio* Nostalgia console

Stool/Flowers | Granola. Zolia Set. Fatpack.

Bucket/Pillows/Lanterns | <Aphrodite> Christmas decorations pack

Decor | Synnergy//Unfinished Apartment [BLACK] Backdrop

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