give me temptation, food.

give me temptation

Come on ladies and gents… what is more tempting than food? And really, I think this is the person little welcoming to anyone’s home.

I really need to step up my decor posts, and I have to admit, they are much easier than avatar apparel or other but, anytime I wear something, there is always someone asking me where I got such and such item… so, I am sure you can see my dilemma…

Anyway… there are still many more days to celebrate coming up, and I am positive you can find something awesome to do with any of the items included in this post. If you want to see more detail, click here, for different sizes.



Food | <Aphrodite> Complete Thanksgiving/Xmas/Fall
Note: I used components from this set.

Plants | TM Creation – GP35 Pots Ficus benjamina

Incense | [Fetch] Incense Burners

Knife |  Petrichor / Plastik – Achuas Daggers

Kitchen Set | Granola. Deja Modular Kitchen

Decor | Synnergy//Boho Christmas Backdrop

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