A memory lost to time

A memory lost to time

I took a snapshot of this because I wanted to show my mom and sister in SL. It’s a food plate or, set, from Milk Motion. However, as you likely already know, if you follow my social media, I have not been well for a few weeks. Who am I kidding, it’s been a couple months or more but, it’s been bad this past week, and getting worse. I don’t know why but, it just is… anyway…

I wanted to show them because it’s so detailed! Sure, in this photo, it’s not… I wanted to try a “still painting” action I just bought online for photoshop, and for that reason, I think you should also check out Milk Motion’s Flickr link HERE, to see how amazing it truly is.

There are a few items from the Collabor88 event that I will be going back for, as soon as I can… this set it one of them… as well as a Spinning Wheel from Random Matter

The event runs until the 6th of December 2020, so make sure that you go check it out. There are so many other items too but, something about this… just made me pause.

Collabor88 Event Limo

2 thoughts on “A memory lost to time

  1. Gorgeous photo and I truly hope you find some relief soon. I know that the changing of the weather wreaks havoc on my body. Good hot tea and a space heater, plus too many pills provide some slight relief. I really hope you can find something to help. *hugs*

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