When Heaven and Middle Earth Collide

When Heaven and Middle Earth Collide

I have been wanting to create a photo scene like this for a while but, no one is ever actually around when I have the time to make one but, yesterday, Tiseral and I were checking out a friend or couple type poses and came across a store called, Boo’d u.Poses, and this pose was just so perfect, I HAD to have it, so Tiseral had given me some lindens for my belated rezday, so I used a lil on this pose.

I took so many photos, in all sorts of angles, of this pose. And, if you are following my Flickr, you will most likely see them over the next week.

Thank you to Tiseral for the awesome gift. I love it!

Pose | Boo’d Uposes -On My Heart

If you are interested in my look, please click here.
Also, Tiserals hair is from Modulus and
is a freebie at the back of the store.

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