I was the first to pass out….

I was the first to pass out....

Have you all ever heard that at some parties, the first one to pass out got some form of punishment? Well, in one of my foster homes, if there was a rager, the first person to pass out, was tattooed.

Sounds drastic, right? Well, I had many brothers, and the testosterone was HIGH. Always trying to one-up each other.

You should have seen those morons (love them… but come on…) would do to each other.

Did I ever pass out first? Yes. Did I get tattooed for it? Maybe… was it on my face? HELL NO! But, lol… could you imagine, waking up, to find this (points above) tattooed on your face, forever?

They ended up getting into major sh..uh sugar for it, lol… and didn’t do it again to anyone until they hit university… and no, I never fell asleep first again.

The tattoo was small, and I woke up during, and let them continue lol.
And it is in a place I would have to be wearing a bathing suit (which I was at the time lol) to share. No.

in this post, I am sharing 4761, Bone Structure, Amara Beauty, Catwa, Foxy, and Arte!



Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | Maitreya | Lara

Head | Catwa – Majer/ Edge

Hair | Foxy – Feline Hair (Brown) |
Salem | ends October 31, 2020


Skin | amara beauty – Harlyn vanilla | New Release

Eyes | A R T E – Steel Blue Eyes | Cosmopolitan | ends October 4, 2020

Tattoo/Face | BS – Runic Face Paint | 
Flourish | September 23rd – November 15th, 2020


Tattoo/Lip | 4761 – MOUTH Tattoo


Pose | STUN – Pose Pack Collection Bento ‘Willow’ #149

Background | Bdrop// Backdrop Delyrion Night

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