It’s fun to fantasize

It's fun to fantasize

I know, I know.. normally, I have a background but, ever since I discovered a filter called, DEHAZING, I have been obsessed with my black background photos!

This pic was done on MID graphics, with advanced lighting. Doesn’t it look awesome?!

Anywho… lol, I am sharing some items from the Flourish Event which include this cute makeup by Ever Gypsy and this cute lingerie by Ecru Couture.

I have added items from Catwa, Sintiklia, Arte, Amara Beauty and Empowered.

I have to honestly say, I am super obsessed with BOM layers… I can wear skins that are normally for one head, on another… In this case, my Amara Beauty skin that is normally for Lelutka looks so adorable on this Catwa head… you can’t deny it!

And of course, makeup layers… oh boy.

I am going to make a folder and dedicate it just to my fav add-ons (ie: makeup layers), and my favourite OLD system skins, and just do a video of that! LOL.
Yes, I mean super old, could not delete, system skins that are likely not OP enough to show off details but, with the right filter… LIKE DEHAZE, lol a gal can likely get away with MANY different things.

You will just have to tune in, and watch for that video… also, I promise I will get to a review of the new Catwa heads, I am just still not feeling up to par… omg, just when I think I am feeling better… Sir Death knocks on my door as a practical joke. Jackass.

Anyway!! Enough babbling… here is your info… and for the hell of it… some music!

Hehe, mood music here.



Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | Maitreya | Lara

Head | Catwa – Majer/Soft Edge

Hair | Sintiklia – Hair Adaline – Colors&pastels

Skin | amara beauty – Kimberly vanilla –
LeLutka Evolution | LEVEL | ends September 24, 2020
(Worn on Catwa)

Eyes | A R T E – Dark Brown Eyes GIFT

Makeup | Ever Gypsy – Love You Face Paint | 
Flourish | September 23rd – November 15th, 2020



Outfit | Ecru Couture – Caty Bodysuit FATPACK | 
Flourish | September 23rd – November 15th, 2020



Pose | [Empowered] Sundae Poses

Background | Personal

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