The Sun is rising….

The Sun is rising....

(Side Note Update… since I started this post, the sun has risen, set and then risen again. Haha oops. Remember that pesky little illness I have? MS? Yeah, well sometimes this sort of this can happen. No worries. The plan is the same as below. Now back to your regular scheduled blog post!)

So, as the title tells you, the sun is rising, and it’s getting brighter in my house, which of course means that I will not last much longer lol.

Hehe, the way I tell it, I may as well proclaim to be a vampire, and need to go hide in my cave til the sun sets lol. Alas, I am no vampire, and once the Fall fully hits, my online time will change… It has to do with the way my house heats up, and the crappy placement of my desk/cabinet for my PC. And no A/C lol.

That being said… hopefully, I will be back with you tonight, or tomorrow, depending on when my questions are answered, to share with you some new heads by Catwa. I am wearing the Majer/Soft now for this post with Belleza’s Fifty Linden Friday skin. Sorry, I am late to post it. I wasn’t available to be online when it was released.

Also, later today I will be doing a vlog post about a book series I am reading… if you want an advance peek at what series I am referring too… this is it:

Lisa Helen Gray
Carter Brother’s Series

I don’t know if I will be in sl or wow but, I will be doing something in the background because let’s face it, I need to have multiple things happening just to be able to pay attn to the thing I am trying to share with everyone. I am not a one task kind of personality lol.

I will share with you my thoughts, good and bad for this series. I pray I do not insult anyone but, hey… some ppl cannot handle criticism. Hell, I am not perfect, even I have gotten my panties in a twist over it. lol.

Tune in, I am sure you will be happy.

So for now, I will share with you Belleza, Catwa, Entice, Swallow, Arte, Doux and Foxcity.



Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | Maitreya | Lara

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears

Head | Catwa – Majer/Soft Edge

Hair | DOUX – Cotton

Skin | -Belleza- Callie  BOM Layers |
Fifty Linden Friday | September 18th, 2020

Note: At the time of posting, the skin was still available. So run fast!

Eyes | A R T E – Dark Brown Eyes GIFT

Nails | Limited Addiction – Dancing Skullies Nails – Bento


Lingerie | Entice – Santa-San Lingerie – FATPACK


Pose | Foxcity – Focus on Me

Background | .Personal

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