A little rest before

A little rest before

While I have been setting up my pc, I have been stressing out over my editing software… wondering if it will work with this pc. Ya know… since I do not have a graphics card… and Photoshop CC tends to work with your graphics card… however, judging by the photo above, still with minimal editing, I managed to get it to work well. At least, I think I have.

There was a minor error when I went to use my camera raw filter but, it didn’t inhibit my ability to use the program, so I am good with that.

I think it had something to do with hardware acceleration? Maybe, either way, I was able to use it. And for this photo, I just resized it a tad to get rid of the more jagged edges, and also, I enhanced the lighting a little. I did nothing to edit the outfit, so what you see, is what you get!

Oh, also… for some reason, even with my full body alpha, my eyeball was poking through my helmet… you can see what I mean if you follow me on Facebook. Fixed that with a bandaid tool, lol.

Let me know what you think… I am going to post this, then do a couple more, and then… go watch more of VanHelsing. I have been binge-watching this show for two days now… and it’s still only on season 3, episode 3… blah…

Let’s give you some music of the hour, shall we? Click here.

Click for larger views



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