Director’s Cut

Director's Cut

Have you ever had one of those days, where you just want to stand in the center of the room, and scream your goddamned head off?
And I don’t mean just a simple stress reliever… I mean full-on freak the F out screaming match with no one but the demons inside your mind, that seem to be chasing you from all angles, and directions of your life? A blood bath of screams.

Well, that is where I am at right now.

I am up and running, so to speak… I have a new pc, and it is all installed, and honestly, I don’t know how well it is, or whatever because, and I am not allowed to be upset by this, keep that tidbit in mind here, I am not allowed to be upset by the fact that for whatever reason, Jeff and his friend thought that I could run World of Warcraft and Second Life with only an onboard graphics card…

Heads up… I can’t.

I can run them if all I am doing is standing around doing nothing… but, I cannot play my game and stream, which is one MAJOR thing that I made notes about for the past month… this was something I was adamant about… but, here we are… I have the 1TB space I said was the min of what I would need but, no graphics card.

I am not allowed to be upset about this though… so… there is that.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very thankful to Jeff’s mom for covering the cost of the machine, and working out a payment plan with me… because, let’s face it… I was getting worse in my depression as time went on. I never want anyone to think I am not grateful for this.
And I am grateful to Jeff’s friend for coming out and helping us to shop for this, and set it up… he even tried to fix my old pc before we went looking for a new machine. Again, don’t think I am not thankful for that.

I am just upset because I said… many many many times, the two most important things I needed were space and graphics…

I feel like I was ignored. Idk if that was the intention, or if this was an impulse buy… who knows.

I know when I shop for things, I look at many different offers before I decide on just one item… and then I go from there, and buy the best out of say… 3… but, I know that they picked this one pretty fast… and it just seems silly to me not to check for an independent card.
I am not a PC guru so I do not know what the tech term is but, you get my drift.

So, now, his friend is going to come back and install my old card on to the new system, so that I have something while I pay off the machine, and then try to save for a new graphics card… so if anyone out there knows of a place to get an upgrade for an Nvidia Geforce 730 for under $100, please, link it below or send me, Morgana Hilra, a message in SL. That would be awesome.

So, now that my virtual scream has been let loose, and you see the photo above manifests how I am feeling, I suppose it is time to share what has been used to create the look…

Thanks for reading, and here you go!

For fun… here is my screaming playlist. at least… tonight’s….lol… good luck.

Click Here For Larger Sizes



Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2.1)

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Pixie

Head | LeLUTKA | Fleur Head

Hair | TRUTH / Vivid /

Skin | [Glam Affair] Ryn Skin [ Lelutka ] 003

Eyes | -SU!- & :Conviction: SickLove | Eyes worn only | Group Gift

Scar | -SU!- Scar #01 -Lelutka Evo- | Group Gift

Makeup | A R T E – Native War Paint Set 1 [BOM]

Horns | – TRIGGERED – Holy Horns (Red Edition)

Tears are apart of the Lelutka head


Piercing | .::Supernatural::. Adell Face Chain Fatpack


Pose | [Empowered] Funny Poses #3 – BOX

Backdrop |  The Bearded Guy – Make Porno

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