A Calm Serene Monday

A Calm Serene Monday

Hello lovely readers. It is Monday. The dreaded first day of the week. However I have also wondered about that. Does the week start on the Sunday or does it begin on the Monday? Many people have different opinions, love to know yours.

For today I decided to go with a nice Decor post. I have items for this post are, little branch, TM. Creation, absolute creation, TENTACIO and granola. I figure all of these together would make such a really cute post.

As always all your info is below and if you would like to know the music that I’m listening to while I create this post, click here to listen alongside me.

to see in a larger view, please click here


Vehicle | Absolut Creation – Combi-VW

Bench/Candles | Granola – Anna Collection | equal10 |Event  ends September 5, 2020

Plants | TM Creation – GP34 Flowers in wicker planter | Tres Chic |Event  August 17, 2020 – September 10th, 2020

Clutter | *Tentacio* Lazy monday

Trees | Little Branch | YoungChestnut.v2/v1{Animated}*4Seasons_Pack | Uber | Event ends August 22, 2020

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