More dust in the wind…

Dust in the wind

Happy Sunday folks. Well it is just after 11 a.m., and I am sitting here trying demos and clearing out my inventory on Second Life.

The skin that I’m wearing right now is from its girls, and it’s a demo. I just wanted to share it with you, opinions, you thoughts. I’ve always flirted with buying an IT girl skin but I don’t know what held me back. Normally I don’t have enough Linden’s. LOL. But I have a couple of extra right now and I don’t have to worry about my tear. Because even if my tear were to run out, big deal. I have a premium membership that I use for my blocking, so I have a small piece of land. You all know.. What I am talking about. So, the very small amount of Linden that I make from my Marketplace store I can just put right back into second life.

The skin is called don’t ask me what it’s called. S a o r i. Very pretty, and it’s soft. The reason my skin is so lit up right now is because I am on my. Laptop sale. And her Graphics are much better than my computer. And the computer still dead. There is that.
The reason I said don’t tell me what it is called, is because I am still using the voice to text option on a website so that I can bring you better blogs. Honestly between you and me, I cannot wait till I’m able to get back on an actual desktop. I am actually looking at a computer right now that is not that expensive I mean as far as computers go. It is a gaming computer so there’s that and let’s see. It’s on eBay and the people they build computers this one is $384 so basically $385 bucks plus shipping and handling. I’m hoping that I can save up for this quickly. But chances are pretty slim. However this gives me an idea of what I’m looking for. And the graphics card alone is like 10 times better than what I had before. Well you tell me, I’m sure you guys know about computers. This one is an Nvidia GT 1030 (the one on ebay, the full premade pc). Where as my desktop that I we have, the one that is sick and won’t work, was an Nvidia GT 730. So tell me which is better?

Anyway this post was just to update you on what’s going on with the computer. And also to share this demo. And get your opinion on if I should buy it or not. I don’t want the creators opinion. Obviously they’re going to say buy buy BUY!!!. But you reading my blog, I would love to get your opinion.
Also just for shits and giggles, tell me what you guys are up to let me know about your lives.
See you soon.

PS; The photo is totally unedited!

to see in a larger view, please click here



Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | Maitreya | Lara

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Pixie

Head | LeLUTKA | Fleur Head

Hair | DOUX – Maddie hairstyle | Level | ends August 24, 2020

Skin | ItGirls – Lelutka BOM – Saori DEMOS

Eyes | AG. Soulful Eyes – Hud – Heterochromia – 22 (RARE) / Albinism – 21 (RARE)

Lashes | ::SG:: LeL Evolution Falsies Lashes 09 | eBento | ends August 31st, 2020


Piercings | *PKC* – Romy Face Set | Saturday Sale | August 15th, 2020


Pose |[Empowered] Snake Poses 

Backdrop |.PALETO. Warehouse

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