I want to be pretty

I want to be pretty

We are the nobodies
We wanna be somebodies
When dead,
They’ll know just who we are


Hi there again, did you really think you were rid of me just yet?

So it’s Sunday and there are a couple of events going on, of which Being Salon 52. I absolutely love this event because it brings a whole bunch of different designers together for you. And they’re very unique in their own little ways. Right now I am wearing items from this is going to be fun, the actual event I am wearing milky skin, bubble hair pins, Violybee eyeshadow and eyes, and kmh hair. I know for a fact my voice to text has likely screwed this up some way or another. If I happen to miss correcting something, please just grin and  bear. I’m working as hard as I can folks, there’s nothing I can do to make anything better.

The extra stuff that are in this post would be, scandalize. Ohhhh… that’s right. I am wearing an outfit from Scandalize. I love the store because there are so many choices. I don’t know if it is original mesh, or if it’s template type store but whatever it is, I love it. There is something for everyone here. The preppy girl, the goth girl, dominatrix, the businesswoman, the Adventurous type that puts everything on in her closet and walks out into the world. They’ve got it.
Plus if you are new to SL the store is great for you. Get a hold of of 100 Linden’s, join their group, and you have access to so many group gifts.

I have to say it the store owner is awesome. Cuz, yes you have to pay to join their group. However she always gives group gifts. That’s why we pay to join a group. So we have access to special offers updates and group gifts. I have to honestly say, joining her group is what made me shop there.

People have this idea that if people join a group for gift then that makes it kind of cheap in a way. But I don’t see how. I’ve gone to Hunts, joins groups for their group gifts and random giveaways and those things always bring me back to the store.
I have so much respect for store owners who are generous. Because if they’re generous then they’re inviting you to their store into their product and into their lives.

Scandalize has this huge backboard with tons of Lucky boards on there. I have stalked those lucky boards. currently the whole top row I want. LOL. But she also has these boards are similar to midnight Mania boards. Once you get to 15 people on this list it sends out a random gift to a random person. And then it resets. The thing is you have to be there to click the board once it resets. So I have to say, for this week’s store of the week, it would have to be scandalized.

And of course we cannot forget Paleto. It’s the background behind me. I love the store. I buy everything from the store. Usually I wait until the sales. Like Saturday sale, happy weekend, or whatever random thing is happening. But occasionally I’ll find a background in one of the events from the store and I just can’t wait, so I buy it. If you like backdrops then you would love the store. There’s a lot of detail that goes into the backdrops. And really I mean think about it you can do a lot with these things. Even if you were to set up little alcoves and put backdrops every little alcove and then you can put your furniture in these things. This particular backdrop even put a car into it and have the background with a car. Anyway moving on.

So this is my Sunday post, I might come back later on today to do another but for now, I am going to crawl into bed with a cold drink and my book and start reading some more. I’ll come back when the Sun goes down. Cuz no matter what I’m still going to take 1000% Care my daughter’s laptop. Even if that means not logging on until the sun is down and everything is nice and cool. The only reason you got me early today is because there is no humidity right now. So I figured why not? But let’s not chance it, or at least push it. I’m going to go take that break and I hope you guys have a great Sunday.

to see in a larger view, please click here


Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2.1)

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Pixie

Head | GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

Hair | KMH Hair F142 Fatpack | Salon 52 | ends September 8, 2020

Skin | {M I L K Y} GABRIELLE-PEACH[GENUS] | Salon 52 | ends September 8, 2020

Eyes | Violybee. Atlantis Eyes (Genus/LeL E / Catwa) | Salon 52 | ends September 8, 2020

Eyeshadow | Violybee. Galaxy Eyeshadow (Genus BOM) | Salon 52 | ends September 8, 2020

Mesh Nails | N.Kolour: Legacy Short Square Bento Nails – Omega

Nail Polish | N.Kolour: Fades Nail Applier |
Sense Event | August 18, 2020 – Sept. 8th, 2020


Dress | SCANDALIZE. Darliane SET. PinkPale

Jacket | SCANDALIZE. Darliane JACKET. Black


Jewelry | .:Short Leash:. Bound Pleasure Collar

Hair clips | [ bubble ] Pearls Hairpins Set | Salon 52 | ends September 8, 2020


Pose |Lyrium. | Yuna Static Stands Poses | Equal10 | ends September 5, 2020

Backdrop |.PALETO. Backdrop:. Warehouse

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