eBento – August 2020

eBento - August 2020

So as you know what is another month, that means it’s another round of eBento.
This is a monthly event with… tons of things, I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for. We even have appliers, skins, clothing. So much more stuff.

I was there today and not everyone was set up, there were plenty of coming items however, even with this minor setback, there were 60 vendors set up and waiting just for you.

That’s something about events that I have always felt  sorry about, for the event coordinators for.
They work so hard to bring these events to you the consumers and their designers aren’t setting up on time. I understand that it’s summertime but if you’re not going to be around, then don’t sign up for events that are monthly. It’s just in respect to the coordinators,and the customers.

I find that a lot of the time when a store does not follow through with their commitments, they earn a bad reputation. And that’s not only for the customers. They also earned a reputation of not showing up, the following through to the event coordinators. Event coordinator tend to share this information and when it comes to you wanting to join another event they get together and they say, hey well you know so and so didn’t set up properly on time.. Why would we want to add them to this event and have them as a no-show or possibly late. So always keep that in mind when you sign up for an event.

This particular event is really awesome. I know for a fact how much work goes into putting this event together, making sure people pay on time, and to make sure the Blogger stay up-to-date , so that everything runs smoothly for you, the Creator. So it just stands to say that maybe you should work together. Make the event even better.

Again I love this event. It’s definitely worth checking out. Try some demos. Find a  new to you store. HECK! Even I have  found some new stores.
I’ll see you there.

Click here to see the awesome items that are included in this event.

And remember not everyone was set up so chances are there’s going to be more stuff when you visit. Let me know if you find something new cool and interesting.

And Now ladies and gentlemen, here is your limo to the event. I hope you have fun.

Event Opening Date: August 11th, 2020
Event Closing Date: August 31st, 2020

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