Who makes the best curls in SL?

Who makes the best curls in SL?

Over the years I have come across many hair creators who have tried to lock down the curl! With stores like Analog Dog and Dernier Cri being some of the first stores to do these styles, I was never really able to find places that perfected the curl.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s likely harder than you would think… especially with alpha layer issues, or cutting, or flyaways, there are so many issues to think of as a creator that we consumers never really take into consideration.

Now, I am not going to lie to you, my readers, that I came up with the idea of showing these two particular stores together (Doux & Stealthic), all on my own… nope, I was inspired to share this by a comment I read about how the two of them are very similar… and the person was right. They are similar in style but, there are clear differences. Longer, shorter, more detail, more kink, less or more flyaways. Haha, even one makes my head look like it’s flatter on top…
It is bound to happen… creators are going to have similar ideas, OR, and everyone is guilty of this, they may see something in sl and think… I could do better… and really isn’t that what we tell everyone? If you think you can do better, do it?
And then people get upset because, well, someone did it.
I am not saying that that is what happened here. It’s just a shared thought, and you know I am right about it.

When I first bought my Stealthic hair, I was over the moon… and I still am, to have a nicely textured hair, that at the time resembled what I was dealing with in RL with my own hair… that tight, insane kinky curl that knotted if the weather changed lol. I am sure all you curly-haired individuals out there in the real world can relate too.

And now, there is a new hair out there, from Doux that is similar but more controlled, and clearer textures.
No pitchforks needed folks. I love both creators, and I support them both.

Some of my personal favorite things from both creators…

Stealthic always has very soft, floaty textures. Not much cutting with their hairs either, and I am sure you know what I mean, when you are wearing your favorite outfit, and your hair, which is supposed to be rigged, cuts through your body… I mean, it’s supposed to work, right? grrr… pet peeve but, I have never really had too much issue with Stealthic hair doing that.
I also love the colors. Again, soft… almost “touchable”. Very sweet.

Doux, comes out with new and interesting styles constantly, and some may see this as a bad thing but, I never had… You need to stay in flow with the masses so to speak and if he thinks he can handle the workload, I say, go for it. I love their HUDS. I love to have all the colors and all the options. Sure, I am a tad miffed about the two huds but, the colors are to die for and the softness is there but, more subtle. And they do not feel as blurred to me. I don’t know if that makes sense but sometimes, with Stealthic I found the hair to be a tad washed out but, I am not complaining, that style has a place in my work so, I never once complained about it but, with Doux, I don’t get that as much.

The two styles are similar but, different.

Which one is your favorite, and why?

In the end, all that really matters is which one you prefer, or if you love both like I do.

I want to mention, I do not work for either brand. My opinion is my own, without any extra influences.

Honorable Mentions – Other Stores I have come across with curls. Please feel free to add names in the comments.

Tableau Vivant


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