Fantasy Faire 2020 – Some of my favorite sims

Fantasy Faire 2020 - Some Favorites

I decided to pick a few sims that really called to me, so to speak…

I created a video/slide show, of some awesome picks I managed to rez.
I hope that you have a chance to check it out!

Please visit my Youtube Channel to view the video.

All the photos were taken with windlights by Satomi which you can pick up by visiting her website here.

All photos are 6000×3500 and unedited. So what you see here, is exactly how they look in world. I have also labeled each photo group, with the location name as well as what windlight I chose to use, as some of the regional settings were hard on my eyes. I am vision impaired but, I did try to choose colors that were close in range.

If by chance you would like copies of the photos, let me know either here or inworld with a notecard with your name (legacy) and I will contact you with the best way to send them.

sponsored by Secrets of Gaia.

Queens Garden sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project reminded me of my grandmother. We used to take walks in the park by her long term living home, and they had these beautiful trees and even a little waterfall.

Agra Adara – Sponsored by United Inshcon – Bad Katz reminds me of my adoptive family. Colorful, and vibrant… with full views of their beliefs! There is nothing worse in life than to feel the need to hide your beliefs, your thoughts, and your shine!

Melusinas Depths Sponsored by Trinity Clothing reminded me of some of my first experiences in Second Life… I was a mermaid. Sure, you may giggle but, it was some of my most favorite memories… and it’s what I thought of when I landed… or dove in here.

And last but not least, Spirit Valley of Kuruk – Sponsored by Spyralle.
I have to be honest here, this reminds me so much of World of Warcraft! See? different sims remind us of different things.
Have any of you played WoW before? Do you know the area that I am thinking of with this sim? If you do, write it in a comment, either here, or on my youtube channel. I would love to see if you can figure it out.

Thank you for commenting!

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