Male Freebie Woes… SOLVED! haha

Gifts For Men

I always see guys complain that there are not enough free gifts on the Second Life Grid for men.
Well, I would like to introduce you to my male alt, Jared Shelter. 

I logged on and checked out a few places that were rumored to have some freebies, and these are a couple of the ones I picked up. Free or LOW cost.

My skin is from Cheerno (Nexus), and it is typically made for the new male Lelutka Evo Head (which I borrowed lindens so that I would be able to share this with you!). To receive this gift, you only need to tp over, and join either the free or VIP Cheerno group and touch the sign. TADA! There is a free gift.
Now, the reason I said “typically” is because I have a feeling that you could wear it with any mesh head that supports BOM Relay. <click here for info>.

If you would like to see a close-up of the face, please visit my Flickr by clicking here!

The tattoo is a free VIP gift from, Speakeasy.
I am not sure if there is a joining fee… I have been a member on Jared for a lifetime but, for some reason, I hadn’t really shared many of their gifts. That will change in the near future. There are MANY past gifts available so many sure that you check the wall and grab all the freebies.

And my hat is a free gift as well as, the top/jacket available at Gabriel.
There are several free gifts, as well as there are actually L’Homme Magazine freebies as well. I think actually, that the jacket is part of the L’Homme gifts… there are past gifts available under the sign too.

Honorable mention, since I am a dumbass and didn’t pull the cam back far enough, so you just get a wee bit of a peek, would have to be these really nice pants from [LOB]. Again, free. I know I skimped on showing them off but, no worries. I am not going to be changing his pants very often in the coming weeks, so you will likely see a great pic of them in the future… or, and this is just a thought, maybe head on over to the store and check out the awesome gifts.

All these stores are geared mainly to men, so… what are you waiting for? Check out the rest of their items too. I did. And the prices are awesome and sometimes, they even participate in grid-wide events. You don’t want to miss those! Even more awesome deals!

See? Sure, it takes some searching but, honestly, you can find them. You just have to look.

Ok, so this was a long-winded blog post but, hopefully, the men in SL have found it eliminating lol.

I hope that you are all staying safe, and I am going to work harder at bringing you more male items as well.

PEACE!… oh, and here is your song of the hour… click it. You know you wanna.


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Shape | So Hawt SL | Shapes | Personal
Mainstore MP

Body | [SIGNATURE] | Gianni – Mesh Body – v5.0

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Gauged Ears

Head | Lelutka | Skyler

Skin | NeXuS | ‘ANGEL’ ( 04 ) skin – Gift Black B. / bar.package | Free group gift

Tattoo | { Speakeasy } | Paix Tattoo | Group Gift


Jacket | GABRIEL | Loose Down Jacket (Male) Blue | L’Homme Magazine Gift | 0L



Pose | WRONG & The Owl. | Static Male Poses #10

Background | Personal

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