Lay it on another shelf

Lay it on another shelf

May I clear your slate and wipe your conscience
Lay it on another shelf
I’ll be anything you ever ask
I’ll take your memories upon myself
If you keep my thoughts and thieve my wisdom
I will find another shell
I don’t ever want to be the selfish reason
You don’t ever find yourself


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Build | Barnesworth Anubis | Chatham cottage

Shrubs | Little Branch | ElmShrub.v2{Animated}4Seasons | Sponsored

Plant | Little Branch | PottedBirch{Mesh} | Cosmopolitan | til November 16th, 2019 | Sponsored

Chair | [Park Place] | Smoky Mountain Rustic Settee – Autumn – PG | Swank | November 2019 | Sponsored

Pit | [Park Place] | Cement/Dark Metal Fire Pit Table | Swank | November 2019 | Sponsored

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