The Dark Style Fair – Graveyard Shift

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Flair For Events™ presents

The Dark Style Fair – Graveyard Shift
October 6th to 31st, 2019

Flair For Events is excited to announce the return of The Dark Style Fair.
Bringing you the very best in dark fashion and decor with everything your dark little heart could desire including a mini hunt! From goth, vampire and witchy to ghostly graveyards and more.

Join us for the graveyard shift…Can you survive?

Opening Hours

October 6th, 8am SLT
October 31st, 8am SLT

Event Sponsors

Nar Mattaru
This Is Wrong
Wicca’s Originals

Join the In-World Group to get DEMOS before the event!
copy/paste in-world: secondlife:///app/group/349c458d-c5e8-9384-a8a3-80bf5cf8074a/about

The Dark Style Fair Media Sites

The Dark Style Flickr

Flair For Events Website


Flair For Events Flickr


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