When you feel the world is over

When you feel the world is over

Please make sure to read the note below regarding the dance animations.

And I dual logged my alt, Jared Shelter, to try something new!


I decided to try and play with a gift I received from my real-life family member, only to realize, I need to stick with what I know… however, if any of you know how to use Vegas Pro (16), please leave a comment, and maybe the location of an easy to follow guide because honestly, my Powerdirector is about 5 or 6 stages behind current software, making it outdated, and no matter how much I prefer it over Vegas, I would love to learn the newer software…

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month | Extra Info

List of Sponsored Stores/Events

Please make sure to check descriptions for extra info.
– Event times
-Clean/Extra Product Snapshots, or Ads.

Morgie’s Style


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Flossy – Lelutka

Body | [LEGACY] | Meshbody (f) (1.1)

Ears | ^^Swallow^^|  Elf HD – High Definition

Head | LeLutka | Bento Head-MAY

Eyes | AG. | Prestige Eyes – Fatpack

Skin | LAQ | Leah – 1.5 | Sponsored

Hair | DOUX | Babyrose hairstyle [BASIC PACK]

Scar | Bossie. | face scar + freckles 02 [omega]


Top | Entice | Earth Song Top – FATPACK | Sponsored

Pants | paper.arrow | cuffed.corduroy ink [bag]

Footwear | * SORGO | EKLIPZ Sneakers / B BLACK


FaceLight | FOXCITY. | Wearable Projector – Fuck It (Cheekbone – Add) | VIP Gift | Fee to join

I am pretty sure Saga is closed. Whether or not it’s forever, I have no idea but, I still love the creator (as a person) and I love her creations, so I am sharing them anyway!

Piercings | :: SAGA :: | Sabine Face Piercings/Silver | Sponsored

Earrings | :: SAGA :: | Spiked Earrings w.HUD | Sponsored

Jared Shelter


Shape | So Hawt SL | Neo (coming soon)

Mesh Head | Catwa | Victor | Sponsored

Mesh Body | -Belleza- | Mesh Body Jake

Skin | Clef de Peau | Devin

Ears | ^^Swallow^^ | Gauged

Eyes | {S0NG} | Owls // Ocean Eye / Circle-Raven

Tattoo | Speakeasy | Angels | Group Gift | 100L fee to join


Jacket | GABRIEL | Line hodie jacket / Black

Pants | GABRIEL | Line pants / Black

Footwear | GABRIEL | Line leather sneakers / White


Mask | DUFAUX | face mask | group gift | Free to join

Hat | BlankLine | Killer 09_ [Cap] black  | Gacha



Due to unknown circumstances, I have removed the name of the dances/creator as I am unable to tell what went wrong.
I am sorry to whomever has been affected by this.
I hope that you still enjoy the video, as I worked extremely hard on it.

Decor | VARONIS | StarDust Background

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