Damn right it’s better than yours

Damn right it's better than yours

I know you want it
The thing that makes me
What the guys go crazy for
They lose their minds
The way I wind
I think it’s time


Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month | Extra Info

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Morgie’s Style


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Flossy – Lelutka

Body | [LEGACY] | Meshbody (f) (1.1)

Ears | ^^Swallow^^|  Elf HD – High Definition

Head | LeLutka | Bento Head-MAY

Eyes | AG. | Prestige Eyes – Fatpack

Skin | [ session ] | Connie (Tone01) Lelutka | eBento | August 2019 | Sponsored

Hair | Love | [Ashley] – Pastels | Gacha | Sponsored

Makeup | ALMA Makeup | Ultraviolet | eBento | August 2019 | Sponsored


Outfit | Love | [Oh Honey] | Gacha | Sponsored
Info: Items worn in the photo
Love [Shiny Tube Top] #18 Baby Pink
Love [Shiny Booty Shorts] #18 Baby Pink
Love [Shiny Knee High Heel Boots]


Drinks | *Tentacio* | Summer drinks | Kustom9 | August 2019 | Sponsored


Pose | Ma Vie. | So She
Note: I am not sure if Mavi’s store is still open, so I linked her profile.

Decor | Love | [Oh Honey Backdrop] Rose | Gacha | Sponsored

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