You can do it – Put your back into it

You can do it - Put your back into it

Hey folks!

So I recently met back up with an old friend from the grid, Lexi Frizzle, and was invited over to play a game of, “knock out the asshole males of the world”… hehe also known as what looked like, “mortal combat”.

Notice how I just said the “assholes males of the world”… if you are not an asshole in “our” books, then you are safe!

For now.

Anyway, the photo turned out so well, I wanted to share what I was wearing, as well as the set we are using!

Thank you too, Lexi, for making my shitty night, so much better!

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Morgie’s Style


Shape | [Glam Affair] | Kleo  [ Genus ] Shape | Access  | August 2019 | Sponsored

Body | [LEGACY] | Meshbody (f) (1.1)

Ears | ^^Swallow^^|  Elf HD – High Definition

Head | GENUS Project | Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

Eyes | {S0NG} | Hiyori // Deep Blue Eye | Kustom9 | August 2019

Skin | Essences | Alexis – #e7 | Sponsored

Hair | Exile:: | Audrey | Hair Fair 2019 | August 2019 Sponsored

Tattoo (Black) | B*FLY | Skull Tide Mesh Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo (colored) | Tenjin | Violet Mesh Tattoo

It is very unlikely the tattoos are still available but, I have linked them just in case.


Top/Skirt | [NYNE] | Air | Fetish Fair | August 2019 | Sponsored


Necklace | .Inkhole. | Summer Necklace (Pack)


Decor Items | Backbone | Gamer Girls Set | Access | August 2019

Pose was customized by Lexi.

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