Dear Bloggers… Can you relate?

My So Hawt SL

Good evening readers! I would like to take a moment to thank each one of you for taking the time to stop by and check out my posts.
It makes me smile when I log on to see that there have been visitors, and likes made while I was sleeping….btw, that is a really great movie… hehe, While You Were Sleeping. You should check it out.

I would like to also thank all the amazing sponsors who have supported me over the years. Your faith and patience have been my rock. All the amazing creators, managers, and other bloggers I have met, I don’t know what to say other than, you have inspired me. And I hope that one day, I can pass it all on.


Alright, now on to the topic I would like to share, and also to find out if any of the bloggers out there have had this experience.

And possibly creators, who have applied to an event… if you read below, you will understand why I made the criteria in this way.


I have not done a post like this in a long time.

A little information about my blogging.
I have over 8 thousand followers on Flickr.
1,699 subscribers on youtube.
I do videos on animations/dances, tutorials, and reviews.
My blog is 8 years old, and I blog on average, 30-40 times per month, sometimes more, very rarely less.
I also had another blog before this, for 4 yrs.
And I have a real life private blog.
Now, do not take this as me complaining about not being chosen to blog for a store… That’s not what I am confused about… Bloggers face rejection all the time, and I have seen my fair share. What has me tilting my head in wonder was the “reason” given.
Now, don’t get me wrong. Had they said I hadn’t blogged their store enough… ok, I’d have accepted that because they would have been correct.
Had they said my style didn’t meet theirs. I would have accepted that. Not everyone has the same style. If they did, this world would be mundane.
What I do -not- understand is this…
(copy pasting )
“Unfortunately, we require an established blog with HQ pictures and/or vlog with videos running at least 30 fps & 1000 followers on Flickr. We’d be happy to see you re-apply again in the future!)”
I am confused. And I know someone out there is going to say it’s a generic turn down but, honestly, why not make the generic response one of the suggestions I had? So they do not make a mistake. And by mistake, I mean… I meet the criteria they set out.
As for HD photos? I have had people ask me how I get them so crisp… I do not believe in over processing items I am blogging because I prefer truth in advertising.
I take all my photos 6000/6000 and scale them down after edit. And all my videos are 30 fps.
I use a neutral light. I use firestorms “places – Paris”.
Medium graphics, unless I am doing a dramatic photo, in which case I amp everything up, and I make sure that everything is seen exactly how it does when you first put it on.
Don’t you as a blogger, designer, or consumer, think that this is the best way when advertising a product?
Don’t get me wrong. There are many, many amazing “photography bloggers” out there in the SL world but, as someone who blogs many new releases, I prefer clean, with little to no editing…
One more thing about “generic turn downs” would have to be, in the notes section, many creators will put “suggestions” on how to improve, or what they are looking for, so you can work to achieve this in the future… which to me, seems like what they were trying to do in the comment section. I in no way thought they were trying to be rude. So please, if you think I am just sitting here, bitching, and carrying on because I thought I was brushed off, please get that out of your heads... However, how am I supposed to achieve all those suggestions, when I already did… years ago?
So, I am going to leave you now with this post, and a few of questions.
Have you as a blogger, or even as a creator, faced a situation like this? How did you handle it? Did you correct the owner, or did you just let it go?

Personally, after this post, I am just letting it go.

There is really no point in chasing them down and showing them my stats. If they really wanted me, they would have hired me.
I am grateful for the people that I blog for now, and their acceptance of my personal brand of crazy.
Thanks again for stopping by! Please make sure to check back regularly, as you seriously never know what I am going to write!
Please understand that I do not wish to put the name of the store as this is a generalization share, and there have been other times that odd reasons were given so, I do not see a reason to name the store. And plus, I just want us to share our experiences, not cause a riot.
Also, please understand that disrespectful comments either directed at me, each other, or the store owner in any way, will not be accepted. And no identifying information. Any of the above will be marked as spam.

Thank you for commenting!

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