Granola. Lexi Nightstand

Just when you think it is safe to head back over to Flickr, NOPE! I am on the East Coast, so maybe it’s just our part of the server that seems to still be having issues… so, until they get their issues sorted, I will be sharing photos via WordPress’ media share.
As soon as I can actually go a day without issues in the upload department, I will fix the photos, and add them to all the correct groups. For now, please enjoy this cute, but kinky set above!

I am sorry I am late for this share, this month has been crazy but, I wanted to share this set, Granola. Lexi Nightstand, which comes in 3 different colors, each with either a silver or gold trimming., this one being Lilac grey, and silver!

It is truly naughty but, I suppose you would have to have some imagination to use all these interesting toys…, or you could always hand over control to someone else, and let them take you on a ride… hehe. All that you see above is one complete object and only 5LI.

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