FOXCITY Shopping Valley Easter Hunt is OPEN

FOXCITY Shopping Valley Easter Hunt

Press Release Info
Satomi Masukami 

Our shopping valley is back with yet another exciting mini-hunt. If you enjoyed our Halloween Trick or Treat, or the Xmas calendar, then you’re in for a treat this Easter ♥

The Foxcity Shopping Valley Easter Hunt is now live ~ featuring 18 creator bunnies!

We have our resident creator bunnies who have hidden their Easter eggs inside their stores on the sim, and we have guest bunnies who have hidden theirs in our Easter garden!

All of our Easter Hunt items are either new or recolors, you won’t find old releases here :O Price is capped at 100L or less, did someone call the Bargain Bunny?

The starting location for the hunt is here:

Please click the egg below the notice board to receive your Clue List, item ads & destinations, to help you. This egg is also a guide for what you should be hunting for!

The full hunt catalog can be found here:…

Protect your chocolate from grabby hands with ‘Sugar rush’!!

FOXCITY have prepared a brand new and exclusive to the hunt, bento friend pose ‘Sugar Rush’. It comes with a choco bunny basket, a bento mouth choco, a bitten choco and a bunny headband, all wearable for every day as well as for the pose.

We hope you’ll enjoy this hunt~

Have a great weekend & Easter from everyone at Foxcity! ♥”

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