Fantasy Faire is here!

Fantasy Faire - Fireland Junction

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The Fantasy Faire opened today for its 11th year!
This is one of Second Life’s largest charity events, raising monies for cancer research.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to be a part of the event as a blogger, and this year is no different.

Throughout the event, I will be sharing items that have been offered to bloggers from some amazing creators. I will also share some photos of a couple of my personal favorite sims.

I had trouble, in all honesty, picking favorites to share because, well…. look at the photo above. That is the Firelands Junction Portals… do you see how many portals there are? So many, lol.

If you would like to see what is being offered this year, you can check the shopping guide on Pinterest by clicking here. 

However, do not miss out on visiting these unique sims.

Now, I understand that many people would love to think that lag is a thing of the past but, I implore you all to at least take my advice into consideration, in order to have a great experience at each sim. The is a large event, and we hope that many many people will attend so I would love to help make this experience awesome for you.

  • Remove all huds.
    You do not need to have your body hud, pose hud, couple hud, or whatever other huds you may wear. Trust me, if you are on the sim, people know why you are there. Huds are just more scripts, that will likely add lag to your experience.
  • Consider removing everything.
    Detach! It’s a fun word, that many people in Second Life are afraid of! Simply save your avatars look in your outfits, and take it all off. No hair… no, body… no, head… just a complete alpha layer that will make you invisible. Most mesh bodies come with a total alpha layer, and worse comes to worst, I am sure you can find a free one on marketplace.
  • Lower your bandwidth, and view distance.
    You will want to experience each sim, without the background “noise” of other sims. Meaning, with a lower draw distance, you will load the sim you are on, and not the surrounding sims. Therefore, being less taxing on your machine, and allowing you to enjoy the sights before you!

I hope these few suggestions help you!

Anyway, real life calls but, I shall leave you with all the information that you may need, as well as of course, your limo to, The Firelands!

Teleport to the Firelands Junction – Fantasy Faire

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