Two Sided – Or more

Two Sided - Or more

I decided that it was time to give my alt a 2019 update.
I have had Enz for 11 yrs or more, and I had only logged on to her when I partnered Tiseral with it back in 2013 because of some stupid, and likely demented idea about my male blogging alt being easier to find for creators, if my main, Morgana, was partnered to it… so, when Tiseral and I wanted to partner, I “woke up” or “revived” Enz to make HER his partner..

Now that I (Morgana/Enz) is single, I thought, hey… why not log on and redo her look, profile, and maybe start using the alt for what it was created for?

I enjoy SL very much but, sometimes, I just need a break from blogging. I keep up with my obligations but, sometimes, I just want to log on, and go exploring. Or dancing, and not have to worry that I am going to be bombarded with messages from tons of random groups, or managers, or just people looking for something from me. And believe me, sometimes… that is how I feel. That most (not all) people only speak to me if they want something from me. A photo. A post. Bodies to fill clubs. (family is excluded from that last part.) *waves to auntie moonie*

I am not hiding my identity. The people that need to know who I am, know… and the people that ask me if they know my main, are told. I am always honest. Even if it gets me into trouble, or makes people hate me. Even if it doesn’t seem like what I am saying is true… it really doesn’t matter in the long run what people THINK is true or not, only what I, know, to be true. Does that make sense?

I have made many mistakes in my life… but, the past doesn’t matter. You, nor I, can change the past. All we can do, all of us, is learn from our mistakes and move forward. And not dwell.

I am not sure what has made me write this epiphany… and I am not sure how many of you will take the time to actually read it but, this is me.

Broken but, healing. Lost but, finding myself. Flawed but, accepting that I cannot be perfect.

If you would like to add me, as a friend, as someone that you would be interested in getting to know… then please do so. My alt’s name is Enz Paine. Ironic name, dontcha think? haha.

Just remember… this is an avatar to have fun with. Be with friends. Make new friends and explore. Not to work with. 

Anyway… I hope that doing this, will give me the break I need. I will of course still be blogging, and if by chance I find someone in sl that wants the same that I want out of a relationship, then he will have the choice to either tie himself to Enz, or to Morgie but, we will belong to each other, over, all my alts… even Jared haha.

Alright. No more rambling. I am sure you are interested in knowing what I am wearing on my avatars… so, I shall put you out of your suspenseful misery, hehe.

Thanks for reading this… to the people that actually take the time and see that I just had a lot on my mind, and wanted to put it on “paper”, so that it no longer is a massive cloud, fogging up my head… at least this way… it’s out. And people can read, or pass it. The important part is done. It’s been shared.

For the sake of tradition… here is some music to keep you bopping while you shop.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

Also, I am including a link to my Sponsored Events OR Stores area if I am blogging one of my sponsors so that you can find their mainstores.

Morgana Hilra Styling


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Faelee – LAQ *WIP*

Body | Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Ears | ^^Swallow^^| Pixie Elf Ears

Head | GENUS Project | Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

Skin | Glam Affair | Kitty – 006 | Uber | March 2019 Sponsored

Eyes | Madame Noir | Origen Eyes | The Darkness Event |  from 5th April to 28th, 2019 Sponsored

Hair | Doux | Babyrose – Deluxe

Lashes | Leluck | Genus False Lashes | Sponsored

Nails | Dark Passions | All The Buzz

Tattoo | Letis Tattoo | :: Aroha :: MM18023 ::  | Sponsored


Dress | Apple May Designs | Velvet Gown | Uber | March 2019 | Sponsored


Piercing | Elise | Septum #3 | Sponsored
Info: Closeup 1 / Closeup 2
Item blogged multiple times this past month, these are my best close-ups.

Necklace | Luova | Tania // Mesh Necklace // Metals & Pearls // Fatpack | Sponsored

Earrings | Luova | Tania // Mesh Earring // Metals & Pearls // Fatpack | Sponsored

Enz Paine Style


Shape | Lyrium. | Caroline Shape (Genus Project – Baby Face) (Body Modified)

Body | Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Ears | ^^Swallow^^| Pixie Elf Ears

Head | GENUS Project | Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

Skin | GENUS | Skin Applier /NATALY – BRONZE/ MakeUp 9
Info: Use body appliers by TheSkinnery

Hair | Moon. Hair | – Brunettes – Sex Type Thing


Outfit | *COCO* | Gift_JoggerPants(LightBlue)+TankTop | Free Gift | Free Group

Footwear | *COCO* | Gift_SatinMules_Beige | Free Gift | Free Group


Piercing | Elise | Septum #3 | Ebento | March 2019 | Sponsored


Pose | (.vix) | back to back

Background | :HAIKEI: | Helpless Backdrop

Location | Backdrop City | Tumblr Platform

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