If you love someone And you’re not afraid to lose ’em

Good Bye Lil Hurricane

But when you love someone
You open up your heart
When you love someone
You make room
If you love someone
And you’re not afraid to lose ’em
You’ll probably never love someone like I do


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WARNING… This is a personal post.
If you do not want to read about something, and someone I care about… and a mistake I made, then, do not read this post.

That line… if you love someone, and you’re not afraid to lose them…

That line is actually the reason I am standoffish with people in general. It’s the same for SL and RL.
I try so hard not to get close to people… even though I want too.

Lilo came into my life like a friggin hurricane… I tried to resist her. You can ask Tiseral.
She was super friendly, outgoing… and had dealt with some of the things I had dealt with in SL, so she understood things…

I know, maybe it didn’t seem like it sometimes but, I thought of her as a close friend… meaning, I didn’t ignore her. I wanted her to be a part of my SL. She was someone I thought of when doing what we love doing most in SL, shopping!

I know I likely didn’t show it enough…

I have trouble showing people what they mean to me. That they are important to me.

I hope that this will explain it… if not… then, well… I shared my thoughts, and that is all I can do.



I do heart you, you crazy Hurricane.

For those that are interested, please visit the little hurricane’s





I hope that people will see you more… you deserve so much. xo

No matter if we are able to fix this or not, I wish nothing but the best for her, and I hope that she knows how special she was/is to me…

PoisonMagnifico (hey, I was close. I said Poisonmagic lol….)

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