Short Leash – Fetch Game

Short Leash - Fetch Game

Ok, so once people showed up for this video, I -was- excited about this post.

I hope that you enjoy the video.

Short Leash has released a new game called, Fetch-o-Matic for the Home and Garden Expo.


The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is an original and exclusive interactive fetch game, designed with playtime, pet training, competition, reward, and fun in mind.
The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is fully customizable in game play as well. The owner may choose the type of toy fetched, the duration of the game, the length of the fetch, and how quickly items are to be emitted for fetch play. You may also set the machine to group only or toggle Auto ON/OFF to allow other avatars to play your Fetch-o-Matic when you are not around.

The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic also has the ability to reward winners of the game with either included prizes, refills, or your own choosing (gachas, custom items, etc).

I have created a walkthrough video including 3 game plays… by myself, with 6 players, and then just the three of us ladies.


We had fun, and we even worked together to figure out a small error in the instructions. This does not in any way inhibit the gameplay at all. I am sure it was just an oops, no big deal. My Aunt Jen walks you through what to actually do.

Short Leash is being hosted on Sim 5!

Your limo Sir & Madame

Now, I am going to share some insight through MY eyes… so please, bare with me.

If you have land that is raised, there is a LINDEN LAB ERROR that causes the objects that are thrown about to go UNDER the prims of your landscape.


It is purely a Second Life issue that no one can really do anything about. You can try and place a solid prim below your landscape. That may help. 

If by chance you know how to fix this so that others do not have this issue, please feel free to comment either here, or on my youtube video.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you will head over to the Home and Garden Expo and pick up the game.

If you do a video, please come by here and link it in the comments below… I would love to see what you guys do with it!

Happy Sunday, and I hope that you all have a great week.


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